Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics on a Sunday afternoon!

Yay!! Today has been so great! This morning we got up early to get to church! I worked nursery registration so we were there at 8:15am-not a good time for Jagger! Thankfully he came out of it quick! Church was fun! We stayed down the nursery the whole time. I love being around the kids! It warms my heart because it's just a room of innocence! With all the nastiness going on in the world, the only worry they have is what toy to play with and when mommy is coming back to get them! It's just precious! I wish the whole world was like that instead of getting so caught up in nothing! (I can't believe the people that are throwing a fit over Chick-fil-a! I mean come on this man was stating his belief! He doesn't throw a fit when other people state their beliefs! This world is going down the drain and many are going to be in for a very rude awaking one day!) ok enough of that!!!! :) After church we had a yummy lunch at Matthew's grandmas and then it was time to spend time with our Faithful Friends group! I have been looking forward to this! I love all these women so much! It's nice knowing we share the same beliefs and we can come together for each other! We always have so much fun! Today we watched a movie! It is called The Grace Card! If you have not watched it, you need to! If you are brave enough make sure to grab some Kleenex! Another great thing is the movie is in Memphis, so it kind of hits at home because we were all familiar the places! Once the movie was over guess what time it was??? OLYMPIC time! I LOVE the summer Olympics! The swimming, diving, running, gymnastics! I think it is great! That is all we have done the whole afternoon until now! :) Athletes amaze me! Their bodies are so unreal! It's just all God gifted talent!!! We are all very excited because we are leaving for vacation on Friday! I know this week is going to creep by! I just keep thinking this time next week we will be relaxing in the condo! I am really needing some books to read!!! Any suggestions would be great! :) Hope everyone has had a blessed weekend!

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