Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have a confession! I love McDonalds! Always have and always will! Now, that doesn't mean I do not get tired of it but for someone reason my love for it is always there! Those big golden arches always bring me back to my childhood and that may be one reason I will always carry a spot for it in my heart! Mom has always told me that when I was little I could spot a McDonalds miles away! I mean what child doesn't love this place, a place to play and a great toy with your meal? (and by the way I have bags and bags of these toys from when I was little!)  We would always go to McDonalds on Saturday while we were in town doing our grocery shopping! McDonalds has changed since I was little! The one we went to had this huge playland and it was outside! It had a big ballpit, but I am pretty sure those are outlawed now!? I just know you never see them anymore! I also know I had a birthday party there! From the looks of the pictures, I am pretty sure they supplied the cake, and decorations (Mom is this right?) I don't know if they do this anymore? What I do know is that Jagger loves to go and play at "Donalds"! Isn't it amazing how at 3 and even before now he has been able to recognize the golden arches and what they have there! We have been to a few that do not have a playplace and he gets very upset! How can a McDonalds not have a playplace!
Ok...on to food! I bet you are wondering what in the world could I eat there? Well first I know 100% that the food here is not healthy! When I was on weight watchers, I found the McDonalds list and ate what was on it, but it was very limited! and I still limit myself, but now I find myself enjoying it alittle more (thank you pregnancy!) One of my favorites is chicken nuggets! I am not sure if it is the actual chicken nuggets or the dipping sauce! I absolutely love the Hot Mustard sauce! I am addicted to it!  I have even got Matthew hooked! I even enjoy dipping my french fries in it! and if I am not in the mood for chicken I do enjoy one of the regular hamburger! I think they are 89 cents or something cheap like that! Other times neither one sounds good, so I just go to the salad! The southwest salad is super yummy! Breakfast is probably my favorite but I don't get it much! I truly enjoy the sausage mcmuffin! Its on the dollar menu so it wont break the bank!
I  know this is such a random post but it cracks me up when people think I am weird for liking McDonalds, but honestly I think deep down everyone whether they admit it or not likes McDonalds! I mean come on its apart of American culture! :)

So I have to ask, do you like McDonalds or do you have another fast food chain that keeps you coming back!?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!


  1. My favorite place! Especially raising these grand kids !!! They are always hungry and I can afford to get them dollars menu items.

  2. I LOVE McDonald's! The food is definitely not gourmet, but I absolutely love their cheeseburgers - just their basic $1 menu burgers. I even love the cheap chewy bun that it comes on. And as long as they're hot, I still love their fries better than anyone else's! (I'm a little embarrased at how much I just gushed over McDonald's, but hey, it's the truth.)

  3. I love McDonalds! Give me a big mac and fries anyday. I also like to get extra mac sauce on the side to dip my fries in.