Monday, June 24, 2013


Weaknesses.....This is something that I hate facing, but let me tell you I have them! ;) today I am actually going to face one head on! I am not a public speaker. I can write all day everyday, but when it comes to getting in front of a group of people I freeze up. The only words that come out of my mouth are "and" and "um"! This drives me insane because one and one and in small groups I can talk your head off! Tonight I am getting the privilege of giving my testimony to a group of young girls! I am very excited but so nervous at the same time! This is at their camp so there is going to be around 100 girls! Wow....I get nervous writing that! I keep praying over and over that God will just give me the words I need! I told Matthew last night that I should not be nervous because I don't care what others think...This is about God and what he has done in my life! Its not like school having to get up and tell about science or other things...this is something I know! ;) so when you are praying today please send up a small prayer that I will do great tonight and hopefully God will use my story to bring some of these girls to him!
so now you know public speaking is one of my big weaknesses, but I have several others! Another big one I have is wanting control! I know this sounds horrible and I am truly working on this! Why is it we want control of things? Does it makes us feel better? There are times I get bent out of shape because I am not in control and it doesn't amount to a hill of beans! Isn't it amazing how we can be so silly sometimes! Please don't take this wrong and think that I am some crazy control freak! That is not it, I just want to make sure things go smoothly and I guess I think in my mind I can do that ;) Hudson's situation has for sure helped me in this area!
Taking things personal is another one....I have a super hard time not taking things personal. I am not quite sure where this came from but it's there. It drives Matthew insane because I get my feelings hurt over goofy things. In the past I have gone through times if I did not get invited to something I would immediately think that person did not like me, but normally that was not the case.
Well I have to ask what are your weaknesses and how do you deal with them??
Hope everyone has a super blessed Monday!
Lots of love

Almost forgot Quick Jagger and Hudson update- Two very happy boys today!!! Its a good day! ;)

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  1. Way to go stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing your testimony. If you touch one girls life it will be worth it.