Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well our sweet baby boy is finally without oxygen! I am about a week late writing this but I guess that is ok! It kills me how fast time flies. I mean you blink and the day is gone! So this whole oxygen thing has been MAJOR for Hudson! When we went to the doctor we never even thought about them taking him off of it. We had been told it would probably be a couple more months, so we really didnt even think about it. We get in the settled in the doctors office and the doctor comes in and says he wants to turn him the oxygen level down and see what happens....30 minutes goes by, Hudson is doing great! Doc says lets turn him off and see how he does! 30 minutes goes by Hudson still doing great! Doc comes back and says guess what? I think its time to get rid of oxygen!! My heart started beating like crazy! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!!! And when we took those stickers and tubes off this babies face all I could do was cry! All we could was laugh/cry and stare at him!! Hudson immediately started smiling and hasn't stopped since! It is amazing that since he has been born I had never fully seen him without anything on his face!!! Matthew saw him right when he was born but not for long! When I got to see him he already had tubes and stickers! Lets just say it was a very special moment for our family!!! Again in this situation, God has showed out! The doctors said it would bea little  longer on oxygen, God said that day!!! Wow he is good! 
When we got home it was a little nerve racking....For Hudson I can't imagine! He has never gone without breathing support and then one day its all gone! But he has done fantastic! He has been so happy and really came to life without it!! I think he is enjoying the "freedom"! 
And as for Jagger he was thrilled it came off...He has been dying for a puppy!! We had told him several months ago that we could not get one because of Hudson. We explained that Hudson needed to be bigger and be off oxygen. The minute we told him he was off oxygen he was jumping up and down saying, Yay now we can get a puppy!!!!! Boy was he disappointed when we said no! Guess we need to be more careful what we tell him! :) My sweet Jagger is growing so fast! He has become an awesome swimmer! May be the next Michael Phelps! He can swim the length of grandma's pool with no help. He has really been working on his strokes! I know he is my son so I will brag a little more but really its awesome to watch! He is only 4! 
Well time for me to get some stuff done around the house :) 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love! 

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  1. What a great surprise. Now you just have to work on getting that puppy-ha, ha!