Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just Me!

The last several years I have really struggled with trying to make certain people like me and fit in. I am officially tired of this! I know so many people say who cares what people think? Yes this is true but it's so  much  easier said than done! I guess the last several years have taught me that not everyone is going to like you and you can't spend all your time trying to make them because if you do you end up not being happy!! So I have learned that I am God's creation, I am special, I am me! 
- I do care what people think about me. No matter how hard I try not to its always in the back of my mind. That's me!
- I normally don't meet a stranger! I love people! Thats's me! 
- I have a passion for cooking and am so sad that I can't cook as much as I want to, but sometimes fast food is not a bad thing! That's me! 
- I do not have a fancy college degree! I was not in a sorority. I worked all through college to pay for what I had. That's me!
- I have a cross tattoo on the back of my neck! Yes I was a silly 20 year old at one time! That's me!
- My family is not wealthy. They work hard for what they have. They are just good ol people, and odds are if you meet them, you will eat some amazing food and probably be offered a  beer or glass of wine to go with it! I love my family! That's me! 
- I've been through depression and had to get medical help! I'm ok with that! That's me! 
- I LOVE to read and have been known to finish a book in one day! That's me!
- Some days we sleep in until 10am and don't get out of our jammies all day! This does not bother me because I know my babies won't be little for long! That's me!
- Jagger still sleeps  in our bed (Dont judge!) That's me! 
- Praise music is my top pick but sometimes a little Katy Perry or Tom Petty never hurt anyone! That's me! 
- I have 5 men in my life!!  God, Matthew, Jagger, Hudson and my daddy! And God will always come first! I am not ashamed of this! That's me!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love! 

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