Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Friday!!

Yay! This week has been full for us but I have been really looking forward to this day! Tonight we are going to be getting together with abunch of couples from our church just to hang out! I can't hardly wait! My time spent with other adults has been limited so I am looking forward to the conversation! I hope I don't embarrass myself by talking everyone's head off!
Yesterday was our anniversary and we did get to do alittle celebrating! Last night, Matthew's mom watched the boys so we could drive to Jonesboro and eat at the 501. They have a goat cheese steak that will knock your socks off! I know, I know you are thinking goat cheese, yuck! but let me tell you it is one of the best things you will put in your mouth! For along time we did not know about it but then one of my good friends introduced me! I instantly fell in love! It took me months and months to convince Matthew to try a bite because the good Lord knows he more than likely is not going to put anything in his mouth that has to deal with a goat! but once he got the courage to try one tiny bite, it was over! He has been a fan ever since! So last night we took the hour drive to enjoy this steak! After we ate we went to Academy Sports to look around. Places like Academy Sports, Dicks, and Sports Authority make me really overwhelmed (this happens to me alot! If you stick me in a store that has tons and tons I tend to get overwhelmed!). I really didn't even know what to look at! Matthew went straight to the golf section! Once we had looked at everything there we ventured to the mall for alittle bit! We couldn't even remember the last time we had been in the mall by ourselves! We really didn't even know what to do. We went into several stores but didn't find much! So then we decided it was time for Ice Cream! I mean Ice cream is better than shopping, right??? I am not quite sure about this but since we didn't have time to shop Ice Cream is good! ;)
On our way home we had some great conversation and it has actually been on my mind ever since! We started discussing material things and how they don't bring true happiness. Have you ever noticed how, you will want something so bad, you get it and then two days later you are wanting something else??? Why is that? There have been times I thought I was going to die if I did not get a certain pair of shoes or that pair of jeans. I get them and was so happy but then the next day I had already come up with something else to want! We also talked about how we think we have to certain things... (Lacoste/Polo, Michael Kors, Coach, and many others) but just because I might wear Ray Ban sunglasses does that make people like me any more or less? Just because Matthew might wear a Lacoste shirt instead of a Target does that make him any less of a person...No it doesn't...Its crazy how we as humans can let things define who we are.....and in all honesty if you have that certain handbag, or watch, how many people will know what it is compared to that Target watch or handbag??? It cracks me up that most of the time I get more compliments on my stuff that is not name brand! Something to thing about huh? Joyce Meyer said that when you get the "wants", go drive by a Scrapyard-all that junk was once someones dream and day all of our stuff will be junk and scrap! For me that really makes me think about things! the soapbox! Sorry to get off on that...
I hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of Love

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