Friday, March 28, 2014

Catching up!!

Wooohoo! I am here!! so excited to be back on here! A lot has happened so beware it may be a long post! First, our computer crashed...Matthew and I have always had computer drama! I get so sick of buying a computer and then a year later its a hunk of crap! so we finally just gave up on buying computers! for almost 3 years now our computer is the Ipad! Well I officially have had enough! We broke down last night and bought a computer so maybe I can actually blog regularly again!
We also just got back home from a beach trip! Matthews life long best friend got married! Matthew was a groomsman in the wedding so we got to go to the beach! It was amazing and we were so blessed to be apart of a special day! I have been so drained since the trip. For some reason I still have not got caught up on laundry, housework and sleep! Anyone that wants to help we will gladly welcome you! :)
ok so lets back track to the trip! I had super mixed feelings about this trip in the beginning- not about the wedding but about taking the kids! I was really torn on what we should do...I knew it would be a long drive with two littles one and I was not quite sure if it was something I wanted to try! At first we thought we would take Jagger and leave Hudson with my mom but then when it came down to it we hated to be away from him for 5 days! Once we finally decided to take both of them, me being like I am, went into "mommy well prepared" mode! I have an OCD personality anyways so this just set it off! Here come all the lists!! I got on pinterest and looked up traveling with kids and found some really cool ideas! and everything that I found really did help the trip! I think it is great to be prepared especially with kids! The night before we left for the trip came.....I had everything packed and ready. If you have read my blog for any length of time then you know that I am somewhat of a control freak and that combined with my OCD personality...well lets just say that I get a lot done and I can't stop until it is just how I like it! I do not like Matthew packing the car...I tell him to stay inside..I have a certain way that I like all the bags in the car! I know.....I know...I am a little weird but what makes me laugh is when I pack the car there is room to spare...When we got ready to come home I let Matthew pack the car. I was shocked that there was absolutely NO room left and we had actually got rid of two bags that we had on the way down! How does that happen??? One more reason I love him! ;)
2am Thursday morning I wake Matthew up and tell him we need to start getting ready. I got a somewhat of a leave me alone look but I think when he realized we could get a good ways down the road before the kids woke up he was game! 3am we are pulling out of the driveway! Me I am raring to go..I am pretty much a morning person. Once I am up, I am ready to talk and face the day! Matthew, not so much...leave him alone for awhile! We make it to Memphis and miss our turn! Great!! we haven't even made it 3 hours and are already missing turns..Going to be a long trip! When we go to turn around we pull up in the turning lane and to our right are two other cars ( this is 5 in the morning) a small sports car and a bluebell ice cream truck. We are sitting there waiting on the light to turn green so we can turn and go under the overpass to get back on the freeway..all of a sudden the cars are honking and I kind of turn my head alittle to see what all the commotion is..Matthew is quite and trying not to look but wanted to know what was going. Finally we look over and the man in the ice cream truck is yelling at us telling us we are in the wrong lane! we are in the on coming traffic lane!!!!!!! Oh my goodness....Matthew panics and starts backing up but the car next too us is waving telling us to go on ahead of them...after we got on down the road we could not stop laughing! Only we would do that..just grateful no traffic coming the other direction! We drive until 7 am and the boys wake up. We stopped at a McDonalds and let them get out for breakfast. It was a great stop and I am glad we made a point to stop and stretch our legs. It makes traveling so much better! After a good break we load back in the car and start again! 3 hours later we make it to Hattiesburg...It was the perfect stop for a good long lunch break! We found a Chick Fil A..I knew it would be clean and good food! Jagger was excited to play in the play place! I am getting Hudson out of the car and my phone falls flat on the ground- completely shatters my phone!!! GREAT! Here we are 6 hours from home and my phone is done....I wanted to cry! As we are sitting down to eat, I look across the street and guess what I see???? AT&T! Yes...God is good! and I qualified for a new phone! so almost 2 hours later after eating and getting a new phone (you can't just walk in a get a new phone...its a whole drawn out process that is ridiculous!) we got back on the road! About an hour later we make it to Mobile! By this time we are all slap happy and so antsy we are about to jump out of the van! Jagger at one point was screaming out the window while we are driving through the tunnel! Hudson was finally to the point of crying....It was time to get out...We decided to tour the USS Alabama! I am glad that we did because it was a lot of fun and Jagger thought it was the coolest thing ever! Hudson was just happy to not be strapped in a car seat backwards!
Once the tour was over we decided since we were 38 miles from the beach we had to finish the trip. You can't be that far from the beach and not go! The sun was out and we were all itching to put our feet in the sand! We made it to Perdido Key and instantly everyone was in a good mood! Its amazing what alittle waves and sand can do to a person!

Well that's enough for tonight...I will finish the story tomorrow! Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love!

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