Saturday, March 29, 2014

Part 2!

So we left off at Mobile Alabama! Once we finished up the tour of the USS Alabama we decided we were too close to the beach not to finish off the drive! and boy am I glad we did...Let me rephrase..JAGGER is so glad we did! That boy loves the beach like no one I have ever seen. He could stay morning until night no breaks!
We were about 20 miles out from being there and having the "mommy" brain I have, I thought it might be best if before my beach fanatic son could place his eyes on the sand we should get our errands ran first! My thoughts- its already 4pm (I needed to run to the store to get some milk for breakfast and several other things that were a HAVE to have!) if we ran to the store and ate some supper before we got to the condo we could just spend the rest of the night on the beach and not leave....the alternative was to go to the condo, play on the beach for alittle while,and then literally drag Jagger off the beach while he is having a breakdown because he is tired/hungry and doesn't want to the leave the sand . I was really trying my best to prevent all breakdowns! Well guess what??? I got out voted!
We went straight to the condo and did not even unpack anything. Hudson and I went to the condo to let him crawl around and stretch while the big boys went to the beach! I was watching from the balcony and Jagger ran all the way do the pier until he hit the sand and then he ran 90 to nothing until he jumped in the ways! and yes he was still in his clothes and yes it was freezing cold! About 2 hours later they come dragging in and by this time I am some what irritated because nothing was unpacked out of the car and we still had lots to do before we could call it a night! We got both of the boys ready to go eat and by this time Jagger is having a small meltdown..He is tired and hungry..and if you have ever been on vacation you know when you go out to eat it takes awhile..Its not like just running through a drive through! I knew this was going to be a long night! We make it to the restaurant- The Shrimp Basket! Our favorite because it is quick, reasonably priced and they have never failed us on the taste!! Its always super yummy! By the time our food gets to the table Jagger has had enough...He was acting crazy..You know the point when your kids are past the point of being tired. They turn into a child you don't even recognize! Well that was Jagger! We managed to cram some food down him and then he fell asleep on Matthew's shoulder! After we ate supper, Matthew dropped me off at the door of the grocery store so I could grab a few things. Both boys were asleep by this time and Matthew and I were fading fast! 12 hours on the road in the vehicle with two small kids will make a person delirious!
When we got back to the condo we still had to unpack the car- Matthews job! I had to remind him he should have done it earlier ;) We finally crashed around midnight!
The next morning bright and early Hudson was telling me it was time to get up! We let Matthew and Jagger sleep in for awhile! They finally got up around 8 and it was time to go to the beach! Jagger couldn't wait one more minute! I thought this would also be a good time to introduce Hudson to the beach! We get outside and it is cloudy and freezing!!!!! Not what I call beach weather! Jagger is running, screaming having a great time! Hudson not so much! I sit him down in the sand and he instantly starts crying! He started raising his legs and reaching for someone to pick him up! Hudson decided very quickly that he did not care for the beach! So sweet Hudson and I decide inside the condo is best for us! Daddy and Jagger stay out on the beach and then venture inside to the heated pool!
The rest of our trip was wedding stuff! The wedding was absolutely beautiful! The boys did great at the wedding and had such a good time! We all enjoyed being around friends and people who mean so much to us!
The ride home was not as enjoyable! We were all kind of cranky- maybe it was because we didn't want to leave the beach? There were several times I had to close my eyes and pray for God to give us what we needed to survive the drive!! Poor Hudson was miserable! I don't blame him..being tied down facing backwards does not seem to fun to me!  We were all so glad to be back home we could hardly stand it!
I keep telling Matthew that since the beach was not really Hudson's cup of tea maybe he would LOVE Disney????? Hopefully a Disney trip is in our future! ;)

Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love!

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