Thursday, March 6, 2014

Not Ashamed!

*I'm not ashamed that on Matthew's birthday I completely ruined his birthday supper I made! It turned out bad and I could tell we both secretly wanted to say something but he wasn't going to say anything so I finally gave in! Thanks goodness for McDonalds!

*I'm not ashamed that some days I fall asleep in the same clothes I woke up in! 

*I'm not ashamed that dry shampoo is my best friend right now! I truly believe when you have a baby you should automatically qualify for a 2 year supply of the stuff! 

*I'm not ashamed that we do not eat a healthy cooked meal every meal....some nights cereal counts as a healthy meal right??

*I'm not ashamed that there are some days cartoons and Ipads are a lifesaver!

*I'm not ashamed that I am an "emotional buyer"! Thank goodness for reciepts!

* I'm not ashamed of my faith!

*I'm not ashamed that my husband comes first and not my kids! I feel that we are all so bad about putting our kids first in everything and I don't think this is what God wants! God put Adam and Eve in the garden..not Adam and kids!! something to think about huh?

*I'm not ashamed that of my past mistakes! They make me who I am! but thank God for his grace, mercy, and forgiveness!

*I'm not ashamed that some times when I am in the bathroom with the door locked and the vent on I am actually reading a book or praying! Hey ..don't judge..everyone needs their spot! :)

*I'm not ashamed to ask for help! I use to be afraid to ask for help with anything and now I will ask and not blink! Everyone needs help sometimes!

* I'm not ashamed of being hard headed and alittle controlling at times! thats just me! ;)

*I'm not ashamed that I will put my phone on the counter and not look at it for hours at a time! I hate having to be attached to a phone!

I am daily thanking God for the life he has blessed me with... Is it perfect? No!! but I love it and wouldn't change it (ok maybe I would change a few minor things! )
hope everyone has a blessed
lots of love
(by the way i am typing with a baby in my arm who is  fussy and grabbing at everything so excuse all the  typos!

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