Monday, March 31, 2014


So if you read my blog yesterday then you read about excess! The book 7 is so great! I wish I had the money to buy it for everyone in this town because I so would! It is that good!
Anyways I have had enough of stuff! I am so sick of stuff everywhere! Every closet, every drawer, every crook and cranny  in our house is stuffed with stuff! I am normally a very organized person but I think we have so much stuff I can't keep it organized! It's time to start getting rid of all the junk and no not to replace it! Basically I guess I am going along with the possessions part of the book! In this chapter she gets rid of 7 things a day for 30 days! She devotes 1 whole week to clothes. She explains that she like everyone else has an over abundance of clothing, and some of it with tags still on it! I don't have much with tags on it but I have been hanging on tight to the "Matthew and I dating" clothes! Who am I kidding that I will fit in those again!??? I mean seriously I was a size 0 and since then I have had 2 babies! Time to get a grip and toss them!
Today I started almost having a panic attack going around our house taking inventory of the "possessions" we have collected! So I grabbed a trash bag and started tossing stuff! I have decided over the next 30 days I am going to work on 1 area a day! I will make throw away pile, give away and keep! I started today in the bathroom and hallway cabinets! Now, feel very special that I am going to be showing pictures of my house that NO one sees! This is the ugly of the Good, Bad and the Ugly! This is where I cram things and close the door! but not anymore!!We are done buying just to buy..We are done with the keeping stuff because we might need it 5 years from now!

Before And After!

Under "matthew's" bathroom sink!! Horrible!

Hallway linen closet! I hate this closet because its so skinny nothing fits right!

under "MY" bathroom! Guess who is more organized?
After-hall closet! Got rid of abunch of lotions and junk we have never used! The top is just extra hand soaps, lotions and sunscreen! The second shelf is bandaid/first aid kit and hygiene stuff!

Plastic containers make me happy!

Now if I can just talk Matthew into keeping his stuff put up!
I am happy! I got rid of a whole trash bag full of trash and then have a pile of give away! I am thinking I can still add to it but I want Matthew to go through his stuff! ;) YAY! Day 1 a success!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love...

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  1. I'm inspired Megan! A good time to Spring clean!! It's all so true!