Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2 Kids, 2 Hour Delay and Storms!

Wooohoo! I am so happy to finally get to sit down to write! I have so much to catch up on. I am going to use each day to write about the different parks we visited at Disney! Yesterday, Jagger and I ended up at Urgent Care due to fever, body aches and headaches. They tested us for flu and strep. Both came back negative, so they diagnosed us with a "virus". I don't really like this because I want to know what it is! I need a name :) Oh well..all that matters is today we are feeling better! Matthew and I were laughing because we go on an awesome trip then come home sick..this is how our life goes! Ok, enough about all of this. Lets get to the good stuff!

Sunday night- There was no sleeping going on in our house! We were all so excited. Poppa had drove up so he could take us to the airport early Monday morning. We had decided he would drop us off and bring our car home instead of leaving it for the week. We finally got to sleep around midnight, knowing we had to be up around 5:30.
Monday- This excited Mama was awake at 4;30. I am telling you I was more excited about this than Christmas. This has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I really think I was starting to scare Matthew with all the excitement I had, and I truly had no clue what to expect! We finally were in the car and ready to leave by 6:30.
Hudson had just woke up so I didn't have time to get his Mickey shirt on! and we were finally off to the airport! Oh, and several people had scared us to death about flying with children and how horrible it is to get through security. That we should be there a few hours in advance and all this other stuff. I had even called the airport and she told us to the be there around 8:30.
My dad gets us there about 8:15 and while he is dropping us off I get a message that we are delayed 1 hour. Boo- I don't like delays especially with small children and we have no vehicle! I kept telling myself, "It's no biggie, time will go by fast"   We get to check in and there is absolutely no one except us there! It's like we are the only people in the airport! Check in- 5 minutes. Security- 10 minutes! We zipped through everything! Around 9 we make it to our gate, so that means 2 hours until our flight takes off. Time to break out the movies and everything else to pass the time! Hudson and I decided we will just tour the Memphis airport and eat breakfast!
enjoying some bacon, ready to leave~
While we are enjoying our bacon, I get another message that says we delayed another hour, so this will put us behind 2 hours! If you are doing the math in your head, this means we will be in the Memphis airport for 4 hours with two small children and nothing to do!! I was about to panic, but what would that have helped. Nothing. I said a small prayer and decided we would make the most of it! I got Jagger and decided to show him around the WHOLE airport and we would get to enjoy lunch here also! (this was not our original plans..we were suppose to be in Florida by 2pm and have the afternoon to enjoy downtown Disney!)
After several hours of walking around the airport, lots of whining, buying junk we didn't need, eating lunch, it was finally time to board. We went from this.......
to this..

Jagger was SO excited about flying! He has talked about flying for a year! He could hardly wait to get up in the air. Mommy and daddy, not so much! We were ready to land and get our feet back on the ground. We let Jagger pick the spot and he picks the very back row. At first I was ok with this because I figured we would not bother as many people, but when we began to take off, I was not happy. We were pretty much straight on our backs. I felt so sick. I think Matthew had claw marks in his arms. Hudson was not to excited about the take off either. Once we finally got straightened out, it was not so bad! Jagger looked out the window the whole time. Hudson got antsy. Matthew tried to take a nap. Me- made sure everyone was ok. Handed out ipads, ipods, food, drinks, took Jagger to the bathroom, put stuff back in bags. I was busy making sure everyone had everything. We start getting close to Orlando and they tell us there are storms. Blah. I was not looking forward to this. Dear Jesus, Just let us land! ;)
We finally make it to Orlando. The landing was not bad at all but it was storming. Thunder and lots of rain. Torrential downpour! The first day had not been the best but we refused to let it bring us down!! By 6:30 or 7, we finally make it to our hotel! We were all so excited to check it out! It is amazing how as soon as you step foot in the door, the atmosphere changes. Everyone is happy. Mickey Mouse is everywhere. I can't even explain how awesome it was and we were just in the hotel! ;)
We decide to eat grab a quick supper and head to downtown Disney! I was hoping the rain would stop but it for sure didn't. I actually think it got worse. In the midst, of being excited, I left our rain ponchos in the hotel room. We make it to Downtown Disney and it was like a monsoon. We would just have to toughen it out! We walk around for about 30 minutes and decide it was not worth it, we would just head back to our hotel and get rested for the next day! I did poke my head in and ask what ponchos would cost us- $9 for adults, $8 for kids... $34 in ponchos! Ummmm, no thank you. We will just get soaking wet and laugh while we are doing it!  Even in all the rain, we still had fun! There are so many awesome stores down there. Jagger and Matthew had lots of fun trying on all the hats they saw!
 When we finally made it back to the bus, we looked like drowned rats!! We were all wet, tired and ready for bed! I really don't even remember falling asleep that night. I think we all just passed out as soon as we walked in the door!
I was just happy we made to Disney safely and with no major issues!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!  Tomorrow- Animal Kingdom
Lots of love.

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