Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Remembering Halloween

Ghosts, pumpkins, costumes, and of course candy!! I am not a huge Halloween fan, but since I have had kids, I will say that its more fun! Halloween in my book basically means we are that much closer to Christmas! ;)
Halloween has changed so much over the years! I have been sitting here thinking about what Halloween was like when I was little- 25-26 years ago.... I laugh because just like everything, I think Halloween is overdone. What happen to just putting on a costume and going trick or treating???  Times have for sure changed. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the fun things that come along with each holiday. Treat bags, homemade treats for school, "spooking" our friends, making sure we have the most creative costumes, etc... This is Halloween now, but here is how I remember Halloween...

*Back then I don't remember creative costumes. You went to the store and picked out what favorite character you wanted to be! The costume came with a very uncomfortable plastic mask with a string that went around the back of your head. The body of the costume was basically a printed bag that you put over your body??? That's creative... I called mom to ask her what is when I was younger. She said Tweety Bird and Alf!! I couldn't help but laugh! Alf!  Who remembers Alf?

Kind of creepy huh?? and why Alf and Tweety Bird? I wasn't normal!

*Candy bags- Now we get our kids candy bags made. They are super cute with their names on them and some sort of design on the front. Or we spend a ton of money to make sure the bag matches their costume, thank you Pottery Barn! When I was a kid we did things simple...Your candy went in this..
I know they have them now but they come in every color and with different faces!! All I remember was one color, and you didn't get a new one every year unless the handle broke, then you could use a Wal-Mart sack! ;)

*Candy- the best part of Halloween! I remember being so excited about getting candy! We would go to door to door. We didn't have trunk or treat to do. It was just the old school way... Walk up to the door. Knock. Me: Trick or Treat! (and my mom made me say, Trick or Treat!! I can't stand when people let their kids come to the door just to hold the bag out! Come on people at least say trick or treat!) Anyways, by the end of the night my bucket was overflowing. I couldn't hardly wait to run home and dump it all out to see all of my loot! I would be super happy until my eyes saw theses...
Yuck!! I never did like these and still dont!! My heart was set on hersheys, milky way....well, basically anything chocolate!

There was not much to Halloween when I was a kid. We dressed up, went trick or treating, came home to check out the candy, then went to bed! Nothing exciting. Here are a few more things that bring back Halloween memories!

What are some of your Halloween memories??
Lots of love

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