Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hollywood Studios: Characters and more character!

Here we are at Day 2 of Disney, which was spent at Hollywood Studios! Before we get started, let me give some thought I had before we went!
*I had it in my mind that Toy Story mania would be so busy we might not be able to ride it! This is supposedly the busiest ride in all of Disney World.
* I had a plan of action and running to Toy Story was #1!
*I was worried Jagger wouldn't have much fun at this park because it would be more geared toward Matthew and I.

Right before we went to bed, I had ask Matthew what he thought about getting up even earlier and getting to the transportation earlier than we had for Animal Kingdom. He thought this was a great idea! We wanted to get the most out of the park and I had to make sure we could ride Toy Story. Everyone had scared me too death about the wait times! I refuse to stand in line for 90 minutes with two small children! We decided we would be at Hollywood Studios around 8:15. Well, I think everyone else had the same idea :) The line wasn't horrible but there were several in line! As soon as the gate opened, we ran to Toy Story. It was making me laugh because basically you just follow the crowd and guess what? We all came to to Toy Story! Just walking into the entrance of the ride was so cool! The detail on everything was so cool...It's like you walked into the movie...

 This is one excited boy!!! We had not even got on the ride and he was having a blast! Hudson even got to ride this one!
Once we got off of Toy Story I felt like we could breathe a little! The one major thing accomplished and it was only 9:15! Of course Jagger wanted to ride it again so I thought ok we could hop back on. Wrong...70 minute wait! Nope..not this family!
Right next door was Pirates of the Caribbean and there was no wait! Perfect! We walked right in and it was super duper cool. We were in the Pirates cave and we got to see Captain Jack! ;) I was worried the kids would be scared because it was dark and so loud but they both enjoyed it. So much that we did it again!

This was an exciting park for us because we got to meet characters for the 1st time! Pluto, Goofy, Woody and Buzz Phineas and Ferb, Lighting McQueen and Mater, . Jagger and I were literally jumping up and down we were so excited! I am not sure who the bigger kid is? The characters are so sweet! Jagger would just give them hugs and high fives. I loved it! Hudson did not really care for the characters. He liked to watch from a distant but not get super close.

Army man and Jagger: He was so happy about this because this is what he will be for Halloween!
 So sweet!
 Jagger's face when he laid eyes on Woody and Buzz was the ultimate gift! (it makes me want to tear up looking at it!) This is what Disney is about......

 Mama even needed a hug from Woody!!
 These two were a lot of fun and totally worth the 30 minute wait! One thing I love about Disney is everyone is nice. All the "cast members" are overly nice! I love it. The only encounter with someone not nice was here at Woody and Buzz. A lady and her kid cut in a huge line after we had been waiting 20 minutes. I wanted to step up and tell her this was the happiest place in the world, we don't cut in line here!! ;) By the time we got almost to see them, her child started screaming and crying. They left without even getting to see them! Serves them right for trying to cut at Disney!
On to Goofy and you can see Hudson was not as happy as the rest! He couldn't quite figure out why some big dog with a big head was reaching for him!!

 Jagger made friends!!!

All the time in between was spent going to all the different shows and rides. Jagger's favorite ride was Star Wars. He rode is 4 or 5 times. Thankfully, he had Matthew to go on it with him because the 1 time I did ride it, I felt so sick. It was a really neat ride, but Wow..those 3D glasses are crazy! With all the boy stuff going on, I did manage to drag them to The Little Mermaid. At first they were whining but by the end of the show everyone was laughing! It was a neat 3D show.....We ended our night at Hollywood Studios with Fantasmic! Now this was worth the all day wait. Probably one of the neatest things I have seen. A wonderful light show with fireworks and Characters!  It was a great night time experience. I was afraid the boys would have been grouchy, but they were troopers. The worse part was trying to get out of the park. 5,000 people trying to squeeze out of one spot! The boys both passed out on the bus back to the hotel. None of us had any problems falling asleep after this wonderful day!

Thoughts at the end of day:
* Jagger:  Mom, there are not many rides at Studios, its just a bunch of movies with 3D glasses except tower of terror, and rockin coaster!!!!
This is pretty much true....there are not a lot of "rides" but everything is so much fun! Matthew and I loved this park. I feel like it was a more relaxed day especially since you get to sit in many of the attractions!

* Fantasmic is a must!!! and be prepared for your child to want to buy some sort of light up souvenir - $20 at least.....who can say no when they are walking around and flashing pretty things right in front of your kids eyes!

*We stood in the gift shop of Tower of Terror, which is also where you get off the ride. 3 kids came off crying! Happy we didn't get on this! ;)

*Do Toy Story Mania 1st thing or you will be waiting. We only got to ride it 1 time.

*Disney Jr was a cute show for small children! Hudson really loved the music and dancing!

 Tomorrow: Magic Kingdom!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love..


  1. I am just glad I'm not the only one who feels sick on rides!!!

  2. Your kids are so cute! Lovely family :)