Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jagger's Night!

Last night, Matthew and I took Jagger to see the Harlem Globetrotters! This has been our 2nd year to see them and we have a blast!! Hudson gets to stay with Gigi, so its strictly a night for Jagger! It is nice to spend some quality time with just him! We let him pick what he wants to eat for supper and then head to the game! If you have not been to a Globetotters game, you are missing out! It is for sure a good time! The kids especially love it!
Our night started with none other than pizza!!! (my kids love pizza and could eat it for 3 meals a day!) and of course he wanted the pizza place that has all of these crane machines! He blew about 5 dollars in 10 seconds and came out with a bouncy ball, tiny rubber duck, and a two headed plastic dragon!! My mind: rip-off!!!   His mind: PURE HAPPINESS!!!! He was so excited about his loot! ;)
 This boy can tear up some pizza! After eating 4 pieces of Macaroni Pizza, he decided on Chocolate Explosion pizza!! Yummy! Chocolate and pizza..what more can you want?

When we finished with supper, Jagger wanted to go straight to the game! We still had over an hour but he was insisting, so we made our way there!! I was shocked that the line was already long to get in! We really only waited about 10 minutes to get in the building!

We found our seats and once we got seated, we still had 40 minutes to wait!! BORING!
so Mama did what I do best.....did a little shopping!! :) Jagger was jumping up and down when I brought him his new prize!

Doesn't he look cute!! He thought he was something in this jersey!!!  His favorite player is ANT, so having an ANT jersey made it even better!

We are not very good at waiting so for about 10 minutes this is what happened....

Yay!! Finally the game started!! We had great tickets....Two rows from the floor!
This was his face through the whole game.. I'm telling you its worth going just for this!!
and then he talked Daddy into these...
He is one cool cat!!

and then we ended the night getting autographs!!

Such a fun night!! Can't wait to have another Jagger night!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. So cute!!! What a sweet happy little boy. It looks like you all had a great time and I think it's really great you were able to have a night out with just Jagger. Sometimes kids need that special "Me" time.

  2. Thank you Ashley! and yes I feel alone time with just Jagger is important and with Hudson too!! We had such a great time and I hope it is something we can continue to do every year!

  3. I love this! Jack is 3 but he loves sports. They are coming to Tulsa this year and I thought about taking Jack but I wasn't sure if he would be into it or not at such a young age. Maybe we will give it a shot! :)

    1. Girl...yall should totally go!! It is a lot of fun! He will just enjoy the atmosphere!!

  4. Macaroni pizza? Where does one find such a dish? It sounds like awesomeness (for a little boy :)). Jagger will always remember this special time he had with you.