Monday, January 26, 2015

Megan's Daily Bread!

Today is Grateful Heart Monday!! I am so happy that Emily over at Ember Grey does this because I love waking up with my mind on what I am grateful for! Thank you Emily!
This morning I woke up grateful for Megan's Daily Bread! Megan's Daily Bread?? Let me explain....It all started 6 years ago when Matthew and I decided I would become a stay at home mommy!! We were not really sure this was the best decision but in the end we knew it was right for us! Fast forward 3 1/2 years, we welcome Hudson..We had plans for me to try and go back to work, but after lots and lots of prayers we knew God needed me at home! This was his purpose for me at this time in my life! Our sweet Hudson spent the first 5 months of his life in the hospital. As you know medical expenses can drain any family! Welcome to our world! I have spent many nights crying out to God, asking him to please provide a job for me so I can help out! We thought doors would open and than Bam, God would slam them in my face!! I am still at home, and bills are still rolling in!  Matthew and I decided to just hand it to God and let him take care of it! Enter Megan's Daily Bread!
  The whole concept is that God provides us with what we all need and I want to provide a "daily bread". The lunches always consist of a main item, side and of course dessert! I try to keep it pretty simple- sandwiches, chips, pickle and cookies/brownies! I am not a gourmet cook but I can promise all the food is prepared with love and prayer! My favorite part is that each lunch includes a random bible verse.  I have had  so much fun with this and I want everyone to know that I do not say, "ok, here is Susie's bag. She needs this bible verse" No, I feel I don't need to be the one to pick what you need, God does. So on Friday after I packed all the food, I went down through with my stack of cards and dropped a random card in each one! I will never know what verse or quote you get. This is completely a God thing! I can't think of a better way to spend lunch than eating a home cooked meal and getting some inspiration for the day!!
I pray everyday that our Heavenly Father would get all the glory from Megan's Daily Bread and that everyone who orders a lunch will be blessed!!

A look inside the bag!!

writing out scripture!

Again I am beyond grateful for all the wonderful people I see with Megan's Daily Bread!! I thank God for this opportunity everyday!
Link up with Emily and tell us what you are grateful for!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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  1. Wow, this is so awesome that you have started this, Megan! So are you making these lunches for your family or for other people in your area who purchase a meal from you? I love this idea of "eating with scripture" - I want to do this in my own home :)