Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kennett Crossroads!

My husband is from a very small unique town in the southern most part of Missouri...we are 5 miles from the Arkansas line! I have always wondered why we are not in Arkansas and not Missouri?? When we first got married, I never realized how special Kennett truly is! I just thought it was some little ol' town that only had farmers and was the breeding ground to every mosquito in the world! Boy was I wrong! Yes...it has those things and much more!
Kennett is full of talent!! Tons of music talent comes from here and not just one name but several BIG names! You have....
*Blackjack Billy
Noll, the 2nd from the left is from Kennett! Awesome group, and tons of fun to listen to!

*Trent Tomlinson-

*David Nail -

and..................my home girl...........

Sheryl Crow!!!

It truly is amazing that this town is exploding with such awesome talent! and there are so many more!
Anywho.....tonight was a concert that featured all 4 of them!! The concert was held at the high school auditorium, where all 4 of these were on stage at some point in high school! It was such a  neat experience to see them back here performing! I enjoyed them all, but Sheryl has my heart! We go back to when I was in 2nd grade! My love for her started then with All I Wanna Do!! I have literally grown up with her music!

So, with all that being said, I will fess up and admit that when I first moved here, I would have Matthew drive me by her parents house, just so I could see if an out of town license plate would be there!! hahahahhaha....I am not sure I should admit that! that lasted about a month and I moved on! I still have not met here, and Matthew says for good reasons! (He probably thinks I would scare her off) Me, I keep thinking we will hit it off, and become best friends! :)  Ok..now yall really think I am nuts! Hey...a girl can dream right?

Back to the concert! It was super hot, and my silly camera on my phone was totally failing on me, but overall it was one of the best concerts I have been too!!! So Awesome!!
It was a very proud moment for this small town!
Blackjack Billy



Come on Sheryl!!

There she is!!

All of them together!

Yes I know my picture quality is horrible!! My phone was not enjoying all the lights last night! ;)

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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