Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites: Two Boys!

I know I am late getting to post this but today was insane! I got up at 4:15 to make sure that all 40 lunches were ready!! Yes I said 40! It is the most I have ever had and it felt awesome! I had to call in back up for help! Hudson stayed with Gigi and my friend Jennifer helped me deliver! So grateful for all the love and support! Anywho....I'm linking up with these sweet ladies...Andrea , Erika, and Narci to tell you my favorites this week! ;)

*Jagger moment-  I loved that we got to have a special night with just Jagger! It was such a great night and we made lots of good memories! Here is my absolute favorite picture from the night...
This is what life is about!!! Love those dimples! ;)

*Hudson moment- I keep asking myself when did Hudson decide to be a big boy??? I swear it happened over night! He cracks me up with his little independent self! He does not want help with anything and thinks he is as big as his big brother!
He wanted to sit by himself at the help...just sit and watch like a big boy!! Boo on growing up! :(

I loved that this was something I just threw on and was happy with..

*Parenthood- so we are WAY behind on the Parenthood train....we are not good tv people, well live tv people..It just doesn't work with our schedule..we are much better at watching on Netflix, or Hulu! So we decided to start watching Parenthood and LOVE IT (Can I be a Braverman??)!!! It is probably one of my favorite shows! I have heard that the series finale was good, but you need a box of tissues!

*Verse- I want to try and have a verse each week! One verse that I keep with me during the week. One verse to completely focus on!!
Just trying to enjoy each day!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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  1. I haven't started watching Parenthood yet. My husband keeps trying to make me add it to my Netflix queue. I've only heard great things, so it looks like I might be starting it soon.