Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4 Things..

Well, it's Wednesday and normally I do "What I am Wearing" post, but considering I have worn only yoga pants and stretched out tees, I have nothing to give you!! I was really bummed because I was thinking I had nothing to write about until I was catching up on my home girl Jenny's blog and guess what??? She had tagged me on a 4 things post! Woohooo! Thanks Jenny..and if you have not read this girls blog go right now, or finish reading this and then head over to hers! You won't be sorry!

4 Names People Call Me Other Than My Name:
*Mommy!! My FAVORITE
*Babe - What the hubs calls me
*Meggie- was called this when I was a little girl and it is still sometimes used
*Matt's wife/Jagger's mom

4 Movies You Have Seen More Than Once

*Independence Day

*Dirty Dancing

*Walk The Line

4 Books I Would Recommend
*Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

*Nobody's Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle

*The Day the Crayons Quit

*Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

4 Places I Have Lived
*Cave City, AR
*Searcy, AR
*Jonesboro, AR
*St. Louis, MO - for 5 months while Hudson was in the hospital

4 Places I Have Been 
*Washington DC

*New Orleans, LA

*Oklahoma City, OK.

*Disney World

4 Foods I Don't Eat


*Pickled Eggs


4 Favorite Foods



*A Good Ol' Hamburger

4 Shows I Watch


*Thomas the Train

*Curious George

4 Things I Am Always Saying
*Good Grief

4 Things I Am Looking Forward To
*spending quality time with Jagger this summer
*Beach vacation
*mini St. Louis vacation with parents
*spending time with friends!!

I am almost positive I did this list a few months ago so I hope that it did not bore you too death!! and if you are a newbie then you know some new things about me!! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love..


  1. Those movies? YES!!!!! Also...didn't you LOVE LOVE LOVE Nobody's Cuter Than You? One of my new favorites! I bought a copy for several of my friends. I am obsessed!

  2. Thomas & George....girl me too! LOL I'll take the oysters. Thanks! Have a great day pretty girl!!! Amanda