Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites: Our Week!

It's Friday!! I am super excited, and what's even better is that we are at Bennie and Pops. I am so glad we got to come and visit! My boys love getting to play at Bennie and Pops! So here are my favorites from the week...

*Jagger Moment: Jagger loves to be outside! He especially loves to plant things! When it starts warming up he is ready to plant flowers, and make a garden! It cracks me how much he loves to do this. He thinks a fifty cent package of seeds are better than any toy!! ;) During one of our Wal-Mart trips this week, he ended up with flowers and potting soil!! I let him pick it all out by himself and even get the flowers planted!  I had one happy boy, and apparently he planted sunflower seeds all over our back yard!

* Hudson moment: This boy loves being at his Bennie and Pops. He smiles the whole time!! Pop got him a new cup and he was beyond excited!

and, it makes me happy when he will let me put his converse on him!!

*Family moment: Tuesday night, I decided we would have a picnic at the farm for supper! I thought we could go out there enjoy an easy supper and let the kids run and play! Well the clouds started rolling up as soon as we loaded up the truck. Matthew and I decided to go on out and see if it would go around us! NOT!! We ended up eating in the truck and enjoying the storm! We actually had a blast! Nothing like bologna sandwiches, and oreos while sitting in the car!

 and then to make it even better  God gave us a rainbow!!!!

*Favorite Outfit:

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Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love..


  1. That picnic sounds like fun and totally like something that would happen to me!!!! Love the outfit. I hope your Easter was great!

  2. I am loving that you guys enjoyed the picnic in the truck with the storm rolling past! Can you tell I'm catching up on blog reading?? I need to get back to work...haha