Monday, April 20, 2015

Grateful Heart: Health

I'm back!!! Last week was pretty much awful and I think my whole family is glad to see a new week! When it rains it pours was the title of our week! Even though it was rough, it truly left me with so many reason to be grateful!
Monday morning, I woke up and as soon as my eyes opened I knew something was wrong. I could not hardly move any of my major joints (wrists, knees, and elbows). I had to get up because I needed to help Jagger get ready for school. Getting out of bed was HORRIBLE. I felt crippled. I could hardly walk, but knew things needed to be done. I hobbled into the kitchen to get Jagger some medicine and I couldn't grip the medicine cup. I didn't say anything to Matthew because I didn't want to alarm him, but I knew this wasn't right. This has happened to me before but not to this extent. I moved on to other things. I can't describe the pain in my knees and wrists. I finally broke down when I tried to help Jagger put on his pants and I couldn't grip his jeans. I couldn't tie his shoes..nothing. All I could do was cry. One, because I was hurting, and two, I couldn't do my "mommy tasks" that I needed to do. I told Matthew what was going on and he said that maybe I should call the doctor. Me being me said no, I will just take some Ibuprofen and get through it. (A little back ground information: I have always had back problems, and knee issues. Matthew always makes fun of me because of my aches and pains. He says he is married to a 90 year old. I blame it on cheerleading as child, two pretty big wrecks in high school which caused slipped discs, and wearing 5 inch heels for most of high school and college...dumb, dumb, dumb, but I looked cute!) So it has been no secret that at times I struggle with some joint and back pain. We honestly thought I was just having some kind of flare up. The day goes on and I get worse. I couldn't pick up Hudson. I couldn't get milk out of the fridge. All I could do was lay down. My family finally talked me into calling the doctor. They convinced me this was not normal and the doctor needed to know what was going on.
The next day comes and I am still in a lot of pain so I was super happy, but super nervous about going to the doctor. I am not a doctor person. I wait until the last minute to go. I just have better things to do :)  I get there and they get me right back. I tell her what is going on and my history of aches and pains. She decides that we need to check for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was blown away. I never dreamed about having arthritis. She ask me about my moms family, and of course it is in my moms family, so she said there was a very good chance that is what was going on with me. I was so bummed out, I just cried! I knew this was something that would be ok. I could live with this, but I didn't want to. We decided to go ahead and start steroids to help with inflammation and lots of ibuprofen. She said she would call me when we got the blood work back, and we would go from there!
Tuesday night, while Jagger was getting a bath we noticed a rash. It was on his upper arms and his face was super red. He had been out in the sun on Sunday and got burned, so we honestly thought it was something to do with that. By 10am on Wednesday the school is calling me about his rash. I went and picked him up and figured we better get him to urgent care. All this is going on while I am still hobbling around in pain. We get to urgent care and she runs all these tests and the doctor finally diagnoses him with fifths disease. Great! Just what we need...a virus that is very contagious in our home! The rest of the week was spent resting and trying to keep Jagger happy! Poor Hudson also decided to get sick. Thank goodness his was just a low grade fever, runny nose and a cough! We can handle that.
We did finally get my blood work back and it came back great! No arthritis or anything else going on. My good friend from Searcy, called the morning I blogged about Jagger having fifths and told me I had fifths disease. She went on to explain that two people she knew thought they had arthritis and it ended up being fifths. In adults it attacks the joints! I instantly called the doctor, and she said yes that could be what was going on, especially since Jagger had it!
We are all finally feeling better and I am oh so happy! Even though it was rough and at times all I could do was cry I am left grateful for the week. It for sure opened my eyes to things that could be. I could have arthritis. My kids could be really sick and in the hospital. I am grateful we had small things that could be cured! I am grateful I live where I can get to a doctor to get help. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who never leaves my side and gives me peace during a storm!
What are you grateful for? Linking up with Emily @ Ember Grey!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!
Lots of love..


  1. I am so glad you posted this update! I've been praying for you all week! Glad to see you and Jagger are starting to feel better.

  2. Linking up from Ember Grey's Grateful your post and it is scary to have had that happen. So glad it turned out less serious than what it could have been. A very thankful thing to be rejoicing in.

  3. Girl....that was a crazy week! Hope you guys are all better and glad the joint pain could possibly be attributed to Fifths. My husband had shingles a few years ago and it hit him so hard..I was totally shocked at the pain it caused.