Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites!

I seriously can not believe it is almost the middle of April! How in the world did this happen? Instead of being so super ready for summer to get here, I am trying to enjoy this moment! I feel like I am always looking forward to whatever is next, and I blink my eye and 6 months have gone by! I just want time to slow down. Here are my favorites from the week!

*Jagger moment: Ummmmmmm, this boy needs to quit growing! Like seriously! Last week he ask me if he could make his own chocolate (Nutella) sandwich. I said yes, but only if I could supervise. He did an excellent job. Then he wanted to make his own strawberry milk, and again he did great! No spills or anything. So, his new thing is making his own sandwich. It breaks my heart, but he is beyond proud of himself!

*Hudson moment: This boys only thinks about basketball!! That is all he talks about and all he wants to do!

*Outfit: Well.....since this was the only real outfit I wore this week, this is my favorite!  Ruffles and wedges!

*Favorite food: I subscribed to and I love it! I know there are millions and millions of recipes on pinterest but I love how emeals sends you the weekly menu along with the shopping list! This makes my life so easy, and so far all the meals we have had this week have been super awesome!
This is pork roast with carrots, and skillet potatoes! My whole family was happy, and we have some picky, picky eaters!

*Favorite verse:

*Favorite meme/ecards: My super amazing friend, Jenny, shares a love for memes like I do! If I am down and need a good laugh just type in meme on google...instant laughing! We have gotten to where we send each other memes all day long! It makes my day! If you don't read her blog, read it now! She is precious and I just know if we lived close we would be together all the time!

Other pics:

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Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. How adorable are your little boys!!! I love your outfit...ssoooo cute :)

  2. Loving that outfit!! And yum on the emeals...I might have to check that out!

  3. LoL on that pizza thing....loved it. I need your help, girl. I have a little boy to potty train and I'm lost!!! I can't email you bc of the no reply stuff!!!!

  4. Awww...he's so independent! And now I'm craving Nutella!

  5. 1. those memes....I die. I am going to need you to start sending some of these to me so I can get on the daily laughter.
    2. I can't even handle the boys all dressed up for Easter. So stinkin handsome!
    3. I cant get over those ruffles....or the fact that it is the only real outfit you wore this week. We were meant to be friends.

    Hope you are having the best weekend! xo!