Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Show and Tell: Best Vacation

I'm linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals to share details about our best vacation!! I had a really hard time picking our best vacation because we have had some good ones! Branson, Disney, Beach, and Nashville. Disney was probably my FAVORITE, but it is a lot of work. Not a lot of relaxing. I decided to pick our first beach trip with Jagger. The only way it would have been better was if we had Hudson!

Vacation stories are always fun. The good, the bad and the ugly! I love them all! We are vacation people. I tell Matthew I want to win the lottery so I can give most of it back to charity, and then just live on vacation ;) I love how there are not many worries on vacation. It's just enjoying life! Growing up we did not get to go on many vacations. Mom and dad worked year round and we just didn't have the money. Our vacation was going to Grandma's! When I got to 9th grade, we took our first vacation, and that was to Washington DC. Our next trip was the Beach. The moment I laid eyes on the beach I was hooked! It is the most amazing place in the world. The sounds, the smells, and of course, the sight! There is nothing like it! (maybe that is why we got married on the beach!)

Fast forward about 10 years, and that brings us to 2011. Jagger is 2 years old and we are ready for our first family vacation!! Matthew and I decided that we will do everything in our power to take some kind of family vacation every year! We are know these are the memories our kids will have cherish forever. Matthew and I knew we wanted to take Jagger to the beach.
We really wanted to go to Destin, but it is such a LONG drive!! We thought Orange Beach would be good enough for Jagger's first beach experience. At the time Matthew's sister was in school at Mississippi State, so she said we could spend the night with her to break up the drive! We were sold. Instead of driving 8 hours non-stop we got to drive 4 and take a break. This was perfect for a 2 year old!
The next day when we got to condo we were so excited! We barely got our bags in the room before taking off to put our feet in the sand! and seeing Jagger put his feet in the sand was precious!!! Totally worth the long drive!

 and he's off!!! :)

 The whole week was spent with no schedule. Every morning, I enjoyed my coffee and bible study out on the balcony. If you have never experienced bible study on the beach! One word..AMAZING! We ate lots of seafood, played in the sand, and our course, no beach trip is complete without night time crab hunts!

We are so excited to be headed back to the beach this year! (and keeping my fingers crossed for Disney)  I am hoping that Hudson loves the sand as much as the rest of us!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. I've always heard Orange Beach is gorgeous and I've always wanted to go to Alabama.. I should add this to my list! We love traveling too and I just love Disney; you're never too old right!?

  2. How fun is that!!! The beach is my favorite and I'm very lucky that I only live 4 hours from it so its not that bad to go down to. I would much rather live 4 minutes from it. :) Wow, Disney this year?! You go girl! I'd love to but I don't think we can swing it. The May issue of Parents has Disney tips in it. I just saw it yesterday!

  3. There is nothing like being at the beach :) And to experience it through a child's eyes had to be simply amazing! Love this post :)