Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is This Week Over?

Is this week over yet? This is has been a trying week for our family! I have had some health issues come up that have made it hard for me to do anything. If you know me then you know I am not a doctor person. I wait until the very last moment or its too late before I go to the doctor. I just don't have time for a doctor ;). Monday, was such a bad day that my family basically forced me to the doctor. We still really are not sure what is going, but I can tell you that I am starting to feel better! Just keep me in your prayers! So on top of my issue, Jagger decides to get fifths disease!! If you have not heard of this, it is a virus. There are no meds to take, you just let it run its course. Oh, and it is highly contagious! After a few days of being blah and running fever, you break out in a horrible rash all over! Poor baby, I feel bad for him! The doctor said no school until MONDAY!!! Believe me, he is not a happy boy about this! He started crying when she told us! My boy is like his momma, we don't handle sickness well! So we have momma down, Jagger down, and now Hudson is starting to come down with us. He has started this horrible cough, and being so clingy! I am hoping it is just allergies and nothing major going on. We go through this quite often with him, but we just have to be very proactive because he can get very sick very fast!
Well that is basically what we have been dealing with this week. If you have been wondering why I have not blogged this is why! I have missed it and can't wait to get us all back to normal!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. Feel better soon! Get lots of rest. This too shall pass!

    I hate going to the doctors too! So much anxiety even when nothing is wrong. Hah.

  2. Thinking of you and sending you prayers and big hugs this week! You have been on my mind :) Love ya!

  3. Feel better sweetie! I hope you get all worked out. Sorry about the little men. I hope they are on the mend too. I got sick this week too, yuck! xox Amanda @ ABW

  4. I hope you guys have a relaxing weekend and that everyone is feeling better soon!