Monday, November 7, 2011

Bennie and poppie!!

We are having a blast at Bennie and Poppies!!!! My grandma is here so we are getting to visit with her too!! She has cracked up at Jagger! He is too funny!! Mom is working at home so today was cool that she was here with us! Last night I started watching Friends!!! I forgot how much I love this show!! I was laying in bed laughing so hard!!
Oh and this is huge!!! Jagger has for almost a week gone without the paci and yesterday and today he wore big boy underwear and had no accidents!!! Potty training is tough but once they get it it's awesome!
I don't know about everyone but this time change is nuts! It feels so much later than what it is!!!!!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed Monday!!

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  1. Why is Jagger so cute?! I love his little face and smirky smile.