Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting ready for the season!!!

Well... I'm here but it stinks because the computer officially will not turn on so now I'm going to blog from the iPod until we can figure out what to do!!! This weekend has been madness! Good madness! :) since our house is in the christmas tour of homes we are now in crunch mode! We have two weeks to get everything done!! In the middle of decorating we are also hanging up new crown molding and putting down trim!! Yes! The Cohn family can not just put up a tree and call it a day. We like to take on too much and live on stress mode for a few weeks trying to get it all done!! Not really- but I feel like we always do this! This weekend Matthew went hunting so he was gone! Guess what this means?? Me and Jagger use this time to bond while we shop! :) Saturday morning, Jennifer, Jagger, Allyson, her friend Rachel, and me went to little bit of Christmas!! It's a huge Christmas craft fair! It's amazing! There is always neat stuff and it's gets the Christmas season started! After we walked around for awhile, we decided to go shopping! First stop- hobby lobby! It was insane! The parking lot looked like the day after thanksgiving! We finally figured out all Christmas was 50% off!!! Jackpot!!! I was super excited! Almost 2 hrs later we made it out of the store alive! After several hours of fighting crowds at other store we decided to call it a day! The rest of the weekend I spent trying to decorate! I'm so mad! I got my tree put up and the base was broke so had to go buy a new one then get it all plugged in a most of the lights are out! It's a pre-lit tree! I will never buy another one! They are very frustrating! But I have one other tree completely finished!!! Jaggers tree is half finished! Christmas village up! So I am slowly but surely getting there!
Have you started decorating yet??
Hope everyone has a blessed Tuesday!!

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