Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Recap!!!

Happy 80th Birthday to my granddad today!!! God has blessed me with wonderful grandparents! I have always grown up having all my grandparents and several great grandparents! and Jagger has got LOTS of Grandparents! 6 grandparents and 7 great-grandparents to be exact and these are all living!! This is a huge blessing for Jagger! ;) So anyways, today we came to Bennie and Poppie's to have a birthday party for my granddad! It was so much fun and we even had Spongebob party hats! hahahah...
As you all know I am having major computer issues! I am thinking it may be better to just get a new computer than pay someone a ton of money to fix the one we have and plus the computer is about 6 years old so in computer time that is ancient! ;)

Halloween is not my favorite holiday! I know...I am boring..I guess by the time Halloween rolls around I am getting the "Christmas itch" so I am just ready to skip over Halloween! but ever since we have had Jagger I have started to enjoy it! He loves to get dressed up, and this year was the first time he understood that he got CANDY!!! He was thrilled about all the candy but he truly enjoyed handing out candy more than getting it! He was so sweet. He made sure that every kid that came to the door got candy!!
Overall we had a great Halloween full of family, friends and lots of candy!
spiders gigi made for Halloween party at daycare!! so cute and easy!

Playing games! Pin the nose on the pumpkin!

got his apple in bobbing for apples!!! love those dimples!


all of his yummy food!

trick or treating at Gigi's!

more trick or treating!

handing out candy to trick or treaters!


the cohn family halloween loot! this is what happens when you have Gigi and great grandma living in your town! ;)

Hope everyone had a super blessed Sunday!!!


  1. Those spiders are awesome. What a great idea. I love holiday themed treats. Jagged sure is a cutie!

  2. Oh I love this post!

    And he looks SO handsome.

    You got a future heartbreaker on your hands!

  3. Those donut spiders are so cool. I am going to have to pin those onto my Pintrest board so I can remember them for next year.

  4. OMG! That t-shirt that says I heart Mummy is so awesome!