Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Break!

So as you all know The Cohn family has been working very hard at getting the house ready for Tour of Homes!!! and guess what??? Last night, the crown molding got FINISHED!!! YAY!!!!

I will post more pictures when we get completely done with all of putty and junk like that! so we have been doing home projects and putting up Christmas decorations...its a little crazy around here! BUT after we get done we will get to enjoy the WHOLE month of December!
I am having a hard time with my table in my entry but here is what me and Jen came up with?? I still have a few finishing touches but what do you think?
I am going to finish working on the mesh but as far as the candle and nativity??? this mesh stresses me out!!!!

and also today I found some super awesome new creamer!!!! Its AMAZING!!!!
and I am enjoying it in one of my favorite Christmas mugs! ;)
I am loving that this is Thanksgiving week! My sister-in-laws are home and Matthew's cousin Justin is home for the first time since he left for Auburn! We are really looking forward to visiting with them! Its going to be a great week and lots of yummy food! ;)
Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday!

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  1. That mesh stresses me out too!!!!