Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well it's already tornado weather around our part of the country! I LOVE being from the South! I am a true southern belle!! :) BUT the weather here kills me sometimes! The spring has the worst stormy weather! Tornado season will get going and it doesn't seem to stop, then the summer gets smothering hot! You can almost part the humidity when you walk outside... No need in fixing your hair! Anyways the tornados are something that use to scare me too death and i mean that literally! When i was little i would go into a panic and hide in the closet if there was a cloud in the sky. Then 1999 happened... We had tons of tornados that hit our town and everywhere around us! During that my dad was working nights, so me and mom were home alone. We got a storm shelter and we pretty much stayed in it every night! After that yesr, i really have not been scared! When jagger came along i started getting nervous during the storms and its only because i want to protect him! Tornados are nothing to take lightly! They are very scary and very dangerous! So, Today I started looking at storm shelters. I'm really thinking that will be our next investment! Do you have a storm shelter?
We had an interesting situation happen to us this week! The other afternoon I was sitting in the chair reading and Jagger was watching tv eating a snack! Let me explain this first.. Our coffee table sits in front of our couch. The top of the table is marble and then the legs and bottom are a type of heavy iron- there is a decorative bar underneath the top and then it goes into a large open bottom for storage! Like I said, I'm sitting reading and the next thing I know Jagger is screaming to the top of his lungs. I jump up and get to him and am asking him what is wrong. Of course, he can't talk because he is crying hysterically and then I see his foot is trapped in the gap between the top and the bar underneath it! I go to yank it out and it's not budging! I start to panic because he is really hurting. I call Matthew and just yell come home Jagger's foot is caught in the coffee table( and I'm saying this while I'm crying). Me and jagger are hysterical at this point because I'm thinking his foot is broke and we are going to have to call the fire department and they will have to break the table. I run and get some lotion thinking I will smear it all over his foot and the bar, and that might loosen it. NOT!!!!! Matthew finally gets home and surves the situation, goes calmly to his shop and returns with a HUGE crowbar and hammer! He starts beating on the table trying to break it, and I'm in the background cringing because I love this coffee table! Finally after about 5 minutes of beating the table his foots pops out!! It was all red and that was about it! He could walk and run on it! Jagger kept saying, "mommy, I never put my foot there again". I look at it now and crack up but it's so funny how when you are in that moment it seems so horrible! I'm sure if we would have had a camera it would be quite entertaining! That was the major excitement of the week, but our other excitement was I closed on my second house today!!!! Yay! The couple is super sweet and I'm very excited for them! I am also partial to them because the wife is from my home town!!!
Well time to get settled for the night!!
Hope everyone had a super blessed day!!

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