Saturday, January 28, 2012

On my mind!

So I want to talk about money! Everyone likes money huh? We all love it but it seems to be something that causes a lot of drama too! Our preacher the last few weeks has been doing a series on debt! I think this is perfect timing considering we just got done with the holidays! It's very interesting and eye opening to learn about what the Bible says about money! Bro. Ed said that money is talked about more throughout the Bible than any other subject! Do you think God was wanting us to take a hint! He knew we would probably not be too smart with money!
Seriously this whole series has opened our eyes! Matthew and I come out of church every weekend telling each other how part of the sermon would really hit at home! Money is something that I have struggled with for along time! It is something I am not proud of but I have come leaps and bounds! It's almost as me and Matthew have switched ways since we have been married. He use to be the crazy saver and watched every dime and I was for sure not that way! Cute shoes? Oh yea I will take them!!! But now he has taught me so much that I am now the one watching what we spend and making sure we are ok.
Several months ago, I did a post on how we make it. For living off of one income we do pretty good. We live comfortable....our comfortable is not going on a shopping spree. Our comfortable is paying all the bills and then I can spend aliitle at Hobby Lobby! :)so we are for sure not hurting for anything but over the last few months we have felt this is not good enough. We want better. We want to be completely debt free-meaning everything but house! All this started when we decided we would love to have another baby, but that is hard to us imagine when we have lots of debt and then we just started paying back my $30,000 student loans!!!! Blah. It makes me sad typing it! But it is what it is. All we can do is know that God is providing for us!
So anyways the sermon has really caused us to ask ourselves a lot of questions, How bad do we want out of debt?, are we willing to make sacrifices?.... I do not think God will just pay off our debt but I feel he will provide ways for us to get out of it, but are we going to be willing to do it!, or are we too worried about what others think? One thing we have truly thought about is getting rid of my car and getting me something that costs less. We can more than afford the one we have but what if we could completely eliminate that $400 payment it would feel awesome, and that would be immediately! I know you are probably thinking we have lost our minds but why stay comfortable and just continue going around in circles with debit or change a few big things and be almost debt free in a year! Wow!
I am sorry to just spill all this but it has been on my mind so much. I am past the whole I have to drive this and wear this. All I care about if I am pleasing our Heavenly Father and if my two boys are happy! So tell me have you done anything major to get out of debt?
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!! :)


  1. Love this post! We are in debt, obviously, I mean... we have a house and student loans. We follow part of Dave Ramsey's plan for snowballing debt and EVERYTHING, including the house should be paid off in a few years. We haven't really done anything drastic, or at least it doesn't feel like it. I never thought I wanted to be a SAHM until Gracie was born, so now I'll do anything to pay things off quicker so I can stay at home and not be in the poor house, LOL. So I guess that's why it doesn't seem like a "sacrifice"

  2. No doubt, I'm with ya! That has been my goal since Joe and I got married. Let's just say when we met, he was not in the best situation money wise...or any wise by that matter. We are in a better place now, but I want to be debt free one day too! I would love to be able to spend the money we make on things that are not bills. Ugh! It's a work in progress and it's definitely gonna take some time. But I know if we put our minds to it, we can do it! Good luck!!! :)