Friday, March 2, 2012

What I'm Loving!!

Well it is a crazy WINDY day here!! I could barely get my car door opened! I keep praying that we will have no tornados (and I am for sure praying for the safety of the people that are getting them today)! Anyways, since I did not do a link with What I'm Loving Wednesday, I am going to do it today!! I think today is a good day to tell what I am loving this week!

* I'm Loving turkey pepperoni! If you have not tried it, you are missing out! I even got Jagger hooked!

*I'm Loving my car!!!! Its nothing special..Its a 2001 Toyota Camry but guess what? Its paid for and now that gas is getting crazy and will only continue to get crazy, I have not even worried about it. I figure this summer it will take about $70 to fill it up but thats ok since we don't have a payment! ;)

*I'm Loving the Firstborn series from Karen Kingsbury! I finally finished them all and they are amazing!!! If you get a chance, read them! They are about a christian girl who falls for an actor and the struggles they go through to make their lives work together!

*I'm Loving that we are going to Branson in about 2 weeks for a mini vacation!!! We are going to have so much fun! I can't wait!

*I'm Loving that it is getting time to do yard work and gardening! I love working in the yard, and once I start I can't stop! Come on Spring..Hurry up!!!

*I'm Loving that tomorrow we are meeting Bennie and Poppie to watch Monster Trucks! They bought Jagger tickets to go watch it so we are going! Its going to be fun! Matthew was laughing that we will be there with alot of rednecks! I am sure we will but oh well! :)

*I'm Loving that it is getting time for flip flops and cute summer wedges!! AAAHHHHH..I'm so ready!
Time for a pedicure!

* and last but not least I am loving my heavenly father and my two boys-Matt and Jagger!
So what are you loving this week?
Hope everyone has a super blessed week!

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