Monday, March 12, 2012


Well here it is another Monday!! I can't believe it's almost the middle of March!! Time passes so fast! We had a great weekend!! We did not do anything special, but we did get a lot accomplished! We worked in our yard all day on Saturday! We bagged about 10 bags of leaves, pulled weeds, and got the garden ready to plant. It felt so good when we got done. We are getting ready to get new landscaping. It kind of stresses me out because I know what I like, but we just have to get it done!
Sunday was pretty lazy! We had church, then came home and enjoyed the day! Jagger had his friend Jensen over, so they played all afternoon! I'm so glad he is at that age where he has friends and wants to play! Friday at daycare was a success! He did not cry and he had a good time! I'm going to start sending 4 times a week at least, hoping that will help him get use to it!
I'm kind of sad because today is the last day of bible study! We are finished with the book of James! When I finished the study all I could do was cry! This has been a great study for me and really opened my eyes to a lot. It has made me examine my life and a few things that I need to work on! Quick to listen, slow to anger, slow to speak. James 1:19!!! This is one I really need to work on!
I have had something else on my mind! I want everyone to know that reads my blog I would never put anything on here to offend anyone! What I write is strictly based on my beliefs or what is going on in our family! I feel sometimes Matthew and I are constantly walking a tight rope to make everyone happy and not make anyone upset. We have a HUGE family when you think about both sides- Bennie and poppie, Gigi and pa, Matthews dad David and his wife kim, my grandma, my grandpa, Matthews grandma Betty and pa, the sister in laws, aunts and uncles on both sides, and lots of cousins. We try and want to make everyone happy but we have learned that is impossible. As husband and wife we have decided our main concern is the Lord first, then us-meaning Jagger,Matthew, and myself! We love our family and friends very much. We thank God everyday for everyone he has put in our lives. I just hope that everyone knows we would never say or do anything to ever hurt anyone and if we have we are very sorry!
Ok, moving on!! :)
We are very excited about going to Branson next week! We probably won't know what to do with ourselves bc we haven't been anywhere in awhile! I'm not sure what we are going to when we get there, but I would even be ok if we just sit in the room! I am hoping we can do aliitle shopping! :) Matthew says he can pass on that, but I'm thinking once he sees the Polo outlet he might change his mind! If you have any Branson suggestions let me know!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!


  1. I can't believe it's the middle of March either! I'm jealous that you have already started on your yard work! I love the way my yard looks after working on it, but I haven't made the time yet this year. Have a great trip to Branson!

  2. I love the honesty in your writing! I think what you are doing is great! I always to put my litte family first too!