Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's Been Going On!!!

Hey Everyone!!! My name is Megan Cohn. I am 25. I am a stay at home mom....... No, I'm just kidding! But I feel like its so long in between writing on here that I should almost introduce myself! :(
We have been a busy little family over the last week! I had told you all last Friday that we would be meeting Bennie and Poppie to take Jagger to Monster Trucks!
Saturday morning, we got up pretty early and met Matthew's mom and dad in Jonesboro to go shopping! We were hoping that Matthew would pick out something for his birthday! Well that didn't really happen! If you know Matthew then you know shopping is like having to pull teeth! We ended up finding more for Jagger than we did birthday boy! He did end up with a pair of jeans! After shopping, we went and ate at Fuji's japanese grill! Jagger LOVES to eat with the "fire"! He thinks it is so funny! We had a wonderful lunch but I was stuffed when we got done!
Around 6:30, we met them and Jagger was jumping up and down. He could not wait to see the trucks! The convocation center was full of people! This show brought out everyone!!!! It was quite interesting, but totally worth it because Jagger was so happy! The show lasted almost 3 hours and thankfully we had ear protection because we would have been deaf! My ears were ringing and I had protection! I was very thrilled at one thing that happened during the show! At the beginning, we did the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegience, and right after that one of the drivers ran up and grabbed the microphone. He says, "I am a prayin' man, and tonight I am going to give this night to the Lord!" I almost cried. In his prayer, he prayed for all the ones there that had not found Jesus! I was grinning ear to ear! This is not something that is too common, and when he got done, people were screaming and cheering!
We made it home late that night, so sleep came very quickly for us! The next morning, we got up and went to church. After church, it was time for the Birthday boy's lunch and party!!!! YAY! You got to love Grandma Betty's family birthday parties! Its so sweet! ;) Jagger kept running to Matthew and saying, "Daddy, you are not too old for presents! Grandma got you some presents"! It was so funny! Matthew had a great birthday!
As for this week, it has been interesting! We had bible study on Monday night, and then I have been busy with real estate! Today, I had two offers that came to an agreement!! I am not going to get too excited because it could still fall through, but I think it is great that I "kind of sold" two houses in one day! God is so good! I was so happy because I also got to eat lunch with a very good friend of mine, Christina. I have missed her so. I met her when I came into Matthew's life. He was already good friends with Christina and her husband, Chris! She is very special to me and it makes me sad we don't see each other more! She was in the room when I was trying to recover from having Jagger! She got to experience all the drama that came with that! I am glad that I didn't scare her off! ;)
Please keep Jagger in your prayers. He is still having a very hard time with daycare. I had to contact the director and talk to her. We are going to try a few things and see if that helps, but he is really struggling! It is very hard on me and Matthew! I am to the point now, all I can do is pray and let God take care of the rest!
with his ear protectors ready to go!!!


me and momma!

The Boys!

Everyone gets a Causby's cake!!! ;)

Helping Justin put the candles on!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

riding his new tricycle!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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