Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today was all about our yard! I have been so happy that it has been amazing weather! One of our favorite things to do is work in the yard! We spent the entire day outside! First, Matthew got up super early to mow. He wanted to get the yard mowed before Jagger got up because if he didn't he would have a 3 year old right under his feet wanting to help!
Pa came over today to build Jagger his new fort! It is awesome! Jagger has been looking forward to this since Pa told him about it! (Note to self- NEVER tell a 3 year old ahead of time you are doing something..wait until you are fixing to do it!) Jagger has ask us every single day if this was the day that Pa was going to build it, so finally today we could say YES! and you would have thought Santa was coming!
Jagger, Matthew, and Pa started working on the fort, while I started on the yard! We went and bought a trailer load of mulch so we could do the flower beds and around the trees! I have been wanting to do this for over a year! I'm pretty sure it was like Christmas at the Cohn house today! I got all the old border pulled up and then I put down the weed stuff- I am not sure the correct term but its almost like black trash bags to keep the weeds from coming up in the mulch! Its great stuff...totally worth the time! and then it was time for mulch! Matthew and I took turns shoveling! Finally I gave up and decided I would just let him dump it and I would spread it! I am so happy with the end product!
Tomorrow is going to be so much fun for Jagger! Our church is having an Easter Egg hunt! He doesn't really understand what is going to happen but I think he will have a blast once we get there and realizes what we are doing!
Well..its time for bed, my body is aching!so what did you do on this beautiful day?
front flower bed completed!

mailbox done!

got to a good stopping point on fort! well..we actually had to go to Lowes to get the slide! It will be finished tomorrow!

enjoying the day!

my handsome husband!!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!!


  1. everything looks great! I can't wait to see the fort!

  2. The yard looks great! I bet Jagger is super excited about his fort :)