Sunday, July 8, 2012


Yay!! We are finally getting some rain! It has been well over a month since we have gotten a drop! I had almost forgot what it was like! I have been in constant thank you mode to God since it has started!! :) we need all we can get! So our weekend has been good!! The only complaint as the heat! It was like an oven outside the whole weekend! It was unreal! Saturday morning, Matthew played in a golf tournament so Jagger and I just hung out! I was so sad because I couldn't find my phone all morning! Well around 10am I remembered leaving it in Matthews truck! I walked outside to open the door and guess what?? It was locked and guess where the keys were? In Matthews pocket!!! :) so jagger and I were "phone less" for several phone! It was actually kind of nice! I know some people would probably go insane if they didn't have their phone for over an hour! :) when Matthew got home we had several hours before we had to get ready for the dinner and auction for the tournament ( this was a Duck's Unlimited golf tournament)! We went swimming for awhile with Jagger then came home to get ready! After what seemed like hours picking out what to wear, we finally got ready! Jagger got to hang out with Gigi for the night! When we got to the dinner, we went and sat down! I was excited because I was getting to meet Matthews very good friend Tyson's girlfriend! Her name is Micah and she is very sweet! :) plus she is an Arkansas fan! I knew we would hit it off! After our meal, the boys wanted to check their scores from the day so us girls decided to head to bathroom! When we were coming out of the bathroom I felt something weird on my shoe but didn't think anything about it, but the closer we got to the table my shoe felt really loose! ( I had one wedge sandles that had a strap between the toes then came around the ankle with a buckle!!!! And they are my favorite pair! ) I look down and the ankle strap had literally come off the shoe!!! I was like you have got to be kidding me! Matthew knew something was wrong....I tell him and we just start laughing! He says, well are you gonna be able to walk!? And in my mind I'm going, well do i just take my shoes off and go barefoot or do I just leave this one and have the strap hanging??? Then I told Matthew if we had a knife I would just cut the back strap off of both shoes and just have a slip-on. Just so happens that Tyson saved the day!!! He had a knife! I let Matthew do the duty of the cutting the strap and he did a good job! We were all cracking up by the time it was over! I'm just glad I made the best of it! :) the night was pretty much over after that! We stayed for the auction and drawings to see if Matthew won anything and of course he didn't, so I was ready to go! We had a good night and i was glad we got to go! This morning, Matthew didn't go to church because it was the last part of tournament! I had to work in the nursery so it worked out! Jagger had a good time with all the kids and at one time, he had the kids in a group teaching them how to cut snakes head off????! Seriously!!! Yes that is my child! I loved our preachers message today! It was about The End of Times! Which I think we are living in right now! I think we are very close to the return of Christ and it makes me happy!!! :) everyday this world disgusts me even more and it makes me sick to think my children would have to brought up in this! It makes me consider home schooling more and more everyday! After church we came home and did some laundry then went to Grandma Betty's! Lunch was so yummy and I was very grateful for it! Around 230 I left and went up to the nursing home in town! Our women's ministry does birthday parties for people in the nursing home! We had cake, ice cream, drinks, etc! It was so great! The lady today was 93 and she looked great!! She had lots of guests! I loved that I got to be a part of this special day! I think it is a super ministry!! When the party was over I went back to Grandma Betty's to find Matthew and Jagger asleep so I just relaxed and enjoyed Harry Potter on ABC family!! Right before supper Jagger, Grandma Betty, Cheryl and myself were sitting outside talking! grandma Betty and Jagger had walked over to get the net for the pool! grandma just starts yelling , Matthew we have a mole run get the shovel! Cheryl and I are like, "what"?? jagger had seen a mole and Grandma was holding it down while Matthew ran to get a shovel! Well in the meantime, Cheryl sticks her head in the door to get Pa! He comes running outside and him and Betty get the mole trapped under the net! Well it gets loose, Cheryl and I are screaming, Betty is yelling to throw it in the pool, pa is telling Matthew to hurry! Finally they get it and Pa goes to kill it, and Cheryl yells to remember that Jagger is out there and probably doesn't need to watch! All I see is Matthew trying to cover his eyes and Jagger is yelling saying no I want to see it! By this time the thing is finally dead and they throw it in the field! I am pretty much sick to my stomach! Moles are nasty!!!! When it was all over I could not stop laughing! Well after that excitement we eat supper and i look out the window and tell everyone how dark it is! About this time the wind is blowing and Pa Don calls and says he needs help at the farm putting tarps on everything! All the men load up in the truck and head out! The women and jagger are left behind so we go out on the patio to watch the storm! Jagger prays for rain and we are singing songs to get it to rain and when it finally does we were all so excited! Uncle David was even running out in the rain! jagger was having the best time! The whole family sat under the patio, watched the rain, and ate homemade ice cream! I love it because I know these are the memories we will remember forever! It's such a blessing! After awhile we decide to come home and call it a night and now here we are! I'm in the bedroom watching to storm and my boys are in the living room watching Cars! Life can't get much better than this! Hope everyone has had a blessed weekend!! Examine and see how good the Lord is. Happy is the person who trusts the Lord. Psalms 34.8

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