Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today was pretty boring around here! I feel like I say that a lot! :) there are just many days that we have nothing exciting going on! I'm thinking that is just part of being a stay at home mommy! We got up early this morning and early meaning 730am, which for Jagger is super early! Once I got my bearings straight, I got started on my daily chores- and when I say daily I mean daily! If I do not do laundry almost everyday then it multiplies into this crazy Mount Everest of laundry! It's nuts! How can 3 human beings go through so much laundry!??? Normally while I am putting in the 1st load of laundry, the coffee is started! So once the laundry is going, it's time to get Jagger's breakfast ready and then while he is watching cartoons and eating breakfast I do my quite time! It works out so perfect! He is happy and I am happy! :) After our morning time, we normally play in his room! But today I have been going through 16 boxes of clothes! Yes I said 16!! I'm not quite sure where they came from and it's almost embarrassing that we had that many! I am going through these boxes to get ready for consignment appointment! Our spare room is destroyed and it so funny because Jagger will find a pair of flip flops from when he is was a newborn!! I have she'd several tears through all this, especially when I found his coming home outfit!! They are grow so fast! I just can't believe they go from babies to grown!! When Matthew got home from work we went to Grandma Betty's to eat supper and swim! After supper I went and wrapped a friend! And now here we are it's 10:30 and my boys are snoozing while I'm blogging and watch Steel Magnolias (one my favorites that never gets old!!!) Even though nothing special or exciting happened today I wouldn't have changed it for the world!! God is so good! Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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