Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

I can NOT believe it is the 4th of July! Where has this year gone? Wow! It has flown by! We have had a great 4th. I have always loved the 4th. I love how relaxed it is. We actually started celebrating Monday. Jagger and I drove down to my grandma's. Ever since I was little my dad has taken off the whole week of the 4th. We go camping at my Uncle Rick's farm! There is tons to do down there! He has a creek that we swim in, fishing ponds, 4wheeler trails, tons of sand to dig in- It is the best place ever for little kids! Jagger loves it there because he can just run free! Dad put up a tent because Jagger wanted to camp! I was a little nervous about how Jagger would handle it because he has never camped in a tent and also we were going to be out in the woods on a huge farm! Much to my surprise he did AWESOME! There are no mosquitoes there so we can stay outside when it gets dark! Dad also has a generator that he hooked up, so we had a fan!! It was great! I even got a good night sleep!
Tuesday morning, we got up about 7 and enjoyed an awesome breakfast that my dad cooked! We stayed around for a few hours and then it was time to head back home! Matthew and I didn't really do much for our anniversary, so we got tickets to see Tracy Lawrence. The concert was Tuesday night at the casino! I was super excited! I love all of his music! By the time Jagger and I got home, we barely had time to get our bags in the house and we had to start getting ready for the concert! Jagger stayed with Gigi while we went to concert! We had a really good time! It was super hot outside, so we listened to him for about an hour and then we decided to go inside and find some food! I think the thing we enjoyed the most was getting to eat a meal and have a real conversation! Those are few and far between here! ;)
Every year on the 4th, we go to Matthew's cousins house! They have a gorgeous home on a farm! They have a little boy that Jagger loves to play with! We ate wonderful food, visited with family, swam, and watched the boys play! On the way home, Jagger fell asleep so when we got home Matthew and I took advantage and took a nap also! When we got up, we ate supper with Gigi and Pa. Jagger has been so excited about fireworks but our town has a burn ban! :( We have really bummed about it but since we love this little boy so much we all decided to go out to the farm and shoot fireworks! On the way out there, we kind of thought that the mosquitoes would not be too bad because we were going to be out in the middle of 100 acres of sand (last week it was potatoes but they are picked now!) Well guess what? Boy were we WRONG!!! They were swarming! all in your face, just everywhere! You had to be in constant movement to keep them off of you!! but it was all worth it to see Jagger's face! He loved every minute of it!
He told me on the way home he had a great 4th of July and that today was America's Birthday! He is just too sweet!
Down in the creek with Pop!!

Uncle rick digging out the sand!! Jagger thought this was amazing!

Playing in the sand!

tent up!

Enjoying homemade ice cream! a MUST on 4th of July!

so excited about fireworks!

acting goofy!!

Happy 4th!
Hope everyone had a super blessed holiday!

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