Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things We Use!

So our vacation is getting closer and today I started our packing list! Yes, I am weird like that! ;) I normally won't put EVERYTHING on it but I do like to have one to get me going! Anyways, it got me thinking about things we use everyday! There are some products/things that we use every single day! I love knowing what products other people use and love so here are some things that we can't go without!
* Crest Toothpaste! We have tried so many types of toothpaste but this seems to be the kind we always go back too!

* Coffee!!!!! Normally the first thing I want in the morning is coffee! I have several kinds that I like but here lately mom has got me started on something new! and it is yummy!!

* All Free and Clear Detergent! We have always been a Tide family but since Jagger started having all the allergy problems I decided to switch us! but I miss the smell of Tide so bad!!! ;)

* Nutella! We go through this stuff like crazy! Not a day goes by that my Jagger doesn't ask for a "chocolate sandwich"!!!

* Chocolate Milk!! My two boys LOVE chocolate milk! and we have tried getting the syrup and mixing it but NO it doesn't taste the same! are you seeing the trend here with chocolate?? We have a big sweet tooth in this house!

* NetFlix/Wii- This is defiantly something we use everyday since we got the cable turned off! I can not believe it has been a year since we have had cable! I know people think we are weird but we don't regret it one bit!

* Bath and Body Works hand soap! This a must! We have them at every sink in our house, and I have it stocked in the closet! and normally its on sale so you can't beat it!

*  Aussie Mousse! I wear my hair curly alot during the summer and the Aussie products are so awesome for curly hair! I have tried salon stuff and it all makes my hair stiff!

I know there are several more we use but I don't want to overwhlem! :) What products do you use everyday?
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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