Wednesday, September 5, 2012

26 Years!!

Yup! God has blessed me with 26 years of life today! It amazes me how fast the years go by! Sometimes it makes me want to cry especially when I look back at pictures! I have had such a wonderful life and there are times I want time to stop so I can stay in the moment! Is that weird??? I have been meaning to blog over the last few days but haven't so I will be playing catch up over the next few days! :) today I want to focus on my life and how special it is! I have been through a lot in 26 years and I have learned that is what makes me who I am today! So here is my 26 years in a nutshell (some of you have been through most of this with me so hopefully this will just bring back some memories, and the rest of you-enjoy!)
Friday September 5th, 1986- 8:36am  I entered the world as a healthy baby girl to 2 sweet YOUNG parents- Dana and Kenny! From what I have been told my Grandpa Justin (moms dad!), Grandma Margie(dads mom) were there when I was born and then my Nana and Paddy came shortly after! :)
At the time, we lived in Cave City-very small town in Arkansas! We lived in Cave city until the summer after my 1st grade year!
Summer of 1st grade/ 1991 ( guessing!) - made the move to Searcy!! I was so upset when we moved! Searcy is a much bigger town than cave city and we really didn't know anyone! Little did I know this would be "home"!!
May 2004- graduated from Searcy High School! I have very mixed emotions on this day! Part of me was happy because I THOUGHT I was ready to move on to bigger and better things! The other part of me was heart broken because I knew life would never be the same! Some of the people i saw every single day for years we would not see each other again until our 10 year reunion! Facebook does not count! :) I look back on the school years and just smile! Those were some of my best years! I had the most amazing friends!
Fall 2004-2008- college!! Lived at home then moved to Jonesboro for school! Worked the whole time! Never got involved in school as far as sorority or stuff like!!
Fall 2007- The man I knew I was going to marry walked into the shoe store I was managing! Didn't know his name but knew we would be together! :) if you want to know the whole story I wrote about it on another blog post!
June 2008- said our vows on the beach in Fort Walton, Fl before God and our family!!
January 10th 2009- our sweet baby boy, Jagger, entered into the world! That day forever changed our lives- only for the better!!
Summer 2011 - got real estate license!!
Fall 2011- went on first family vacation!!
July 2012- found out we would be having baby #2!!!!
Today- celebrating 26 years!! There is so much more in between most of these but it would take about 30 posts to get all of it and I don't think that would be fun! I always look at my life and think there is nothing "special" as far as graduating with a huge degree, having an amazing job and all that other junk but when I stop and look at my life -it is "special" to me! I have the best job in the world- being at home with my baby!! No amount of money is worth getting to be with him each day! I thank God everyday for the life he has given me! I honestly at times think to myself how do I deserve this??  I can't wait to see what is in store for me over the next 26 years! :)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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  1. I love this post! Happy Birthday! I am so behind on blog reading, Congrats on baby #2, that is so exciting!!!