Monday, September 17, 2012

Women's Ministry Weekend!

Speechless....Have you ever gone through something that has left you speechless? Well I know that me and speechless are two things that normally do not go together but after this weekend I was left speechless! This past weekend at our church was our Women's Ministry special event! It is a weekend long women's conference! Every year is a different theme and every year it blows my mind!!! It pretty much takes a full year to plan and I know that alot of hard work goes into but I know that it is completely worth it! :) This year our theme was More of You, Jesus, Less of Me. I think is an awesome theme because I know so many times I am bad about wanting to be all about me and not about him! The weekend started out Friday night with a Dessert Social. It was alot of fun and the dessert was so yummy! I had a HUGE piece of chocolate pie-I probably could have had another but thought I would limit myself!
Saturday morning got started with a breakfast, and then we went to our class! Class? yes, they offer several different fun classes! Pumpkin painting, spending time with God, Faith Scrapbooking, Fall decorating, Nail Care, and many more! These classes are so much fun..I took the pumpkin painting class! I painted a pumpkin that looks like a football player! It is super cute! I will post pictures when I get it! After the class we came back to the Family Life Center where our guest speaker, Bridget Taylor spoke then we had lunch! Bridget's message was on how God uses everyday ordinary people to do EXTRAordinary things! This is what I love about our God! He can do things we never would think possible!
Sunday morning, Bridget did some more speaking and then we had the normal church service! After the service we went straight over to the Family Life Center for an AMAZING lunch...We had pork tenderloin, chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, salad and dessert! I was about to fall over from being so full! but it was worth it! Once we finished lunch, Bridget finished speaking! I was so sad when it was over and when I got in the car all I could do was cry! She pointed out things that broke my heart and really made my mind start rolling! Its unreal how we can thing we are doing good but by the standards of God we are sinners! I am so grateful that we have a loving, merciful, forgiving God! We would be in Big trouble if he wasn't...
Well now I am going to get off here and visit with my family!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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