Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years Later!

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
Were you in the yard with your wife and children
Or working on some stage in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Risin' against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?......
Alan Jackson's song Where Were You is one that always sticks with me and the older I have gotten the more meaning it has! That Tuesday morning, I was sitting in speech class getting ready to give a speech! The speech that I was scheduled to give was one that I was not prepared for. The teacher had just called role and all of a sudden she got an email. She immediately started crying and turned the tv on. The rest of the day was just a blur....I think at the time I knew what was going on but it didn't really hit me! Every year now it brings tears to my eyes on this day because my heart hurts so bad over what happened! I think at the time (just being a child) I was just worried about what I was going to wear and why in the world was MTV not showing TRL!!! Little did I know at the time that this day would change history and this would be something that my kids and grandkids would learn about in their history books! So where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
I pray that today everyone would take a moment and remember the families and lives that were forever changed on this day!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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