Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Delta Fair!!!

It's finally here! All of us in the bootheel have been waiting a whole YEAR for this week!! :) It's almost like Christmas! I am very upset with myself because yesterday at the Fair Parade I was getting ready to take pictures (like I do EVERY year) and guess what? I had taken out my sim card and left it at home! Gggggrrrrrr.. I was so mad at myself! Oh well..I can take pictures tonight at the fair! The parade was great this year! I told Matthew I think this has been the best parade since I have lived in Kennett! There were more floats than normal! Jagger had a blast! The people sitting down from us laughed at him the whole time...He would see something coming and just start yelling while he was jumping up and down! ;) It was funny! He loved it all! and then of course one float had Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Captain America, and Spiderman! He thought it was super awesome, but then when we were in the car he informed me that those probably were not the real ones! :) Can't fool this boy! After the parade, we went out to the fair! Matthew and I had decided that Jagger could only ride 2 or 3 rides because he was going to be going on arm band night and it was already late when we got there! What were we thinking....We should have known better to even think that! We were there until 10:30 riding rides and eating junk! Jagger had a blast though...It is worth seeing that sweet smile and wave while he is on the ride! As far as food, we really didn't eat much because it was late but we did have some yummy fried oreos! They are amazing and I can't wait to have some more tonight! So what is your favorite fair food?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
1st Fair parade! 2009

2010 parade! So sweet!

2011 parade!

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