Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I can't believe its Wednesday and really its almost over! It amazes me how the weeks fly by!! So today I am going to do this alittle different! I am going to do things that I have been loving for YEARS, some 10+ and I am still loving them today-and most of them I use on a daily basis!! Some things never change!! :)

*I'm LOVING Maxwell House Cafe Vienna Coffee! I actually got started on this stuff in 2004 but my mom had drank it for many years before this, so it was always in our house! Since my first taste I have been hooked!
*I'm LOVING Olay Quench lotion!!! This stuff is amazing!! IT will change your skin instantly (for the better)! I like that it is not super thick and it doesn't have a strong smell like most lotions! I started using this when I was a junior in high school..I was working at the pharmacy and thought I would give it a try..I don't go a day without it! :)

*I'm LOVING Shick Intuition razors! I remember when these first came out. I was in high school and thought these were the coolest thing...and guess what? they are! I have never found a better razor. Well Actually, I haven't tried any other razor since these! I mean you don't have to buy shaving cream and it takes about 1 minute to shave!! Whats not to love?? You will not be sorry if you decide to try these!
*I'm LOVING Hobo International wallets! I am not a brand junky at all but when it comes to these I am very loyal! I got my first Hobo wallet in spring of 2005! I have never been sorry and I think I am on my 6th one since! Warning: They are pricey but definitely worth it! I would rather spend my money on these and have a cheap purse!

*I'm LOVING Elizabeth Arden Tinted Moisturizer! This stuff is awesome! I am not real big on makeup. I use this, two colors of eye shadow(all the time-it never varies!), eye liner and mascara! sometimes I break out the blush but that is rarely!  This is a very thin makeup and it have a spf in it which I love!

ok this last one I have only been loving for a few years!!
*I'm LOVING What to Expect When You Are Expecting!! This book is a must for all pregnancies! I had forgot how much I love this book! and also since I am talking about it I am loving the movie that just came out! It is so funny!!

Is there anything that you are loving and have always loved? If so link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving?
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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  1. We just watched to WTE movie last week and I totally cried! Do you have the WTE app on your phone?