Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friends, Football, Food and Family!!

Friends, Football, Food and Family...This is exactly what our weekend consisted of this past weekend!!! We had such a great weekend! Friday after work we went to Gigi's house to see the girls. They had come home from school for the Labor Day holiday - it does make me feel special because I always feel like they come home for my Birthday, but I am just lucky that my day falls close to the holiday! I always love going over there when the girls have no plans and can just spend time with us! We have so much fun! We always crack up because if someone happen to walk by and look in the window they would think we are insane! On this night, we threw a shirt around the room and let Jagger run around chasing it! He thought it was hysterical! and then it turned into watching Matthew throw the shirt on the ceiling fan! I know it sounds SO DUMB but we just laugh and visit the whole time! I know these are the memories we will talk about forever... (Remember that time we sat around the living room and threw a t-shirt) Our kids will think we are nuts! ;) Oh least we were enjoying life!
Saturday consisted of being super lazy! The last several weeks every Saturday night we have been getting together with our good friends, The Snipes! We go to one house, eat, and the let the boys play! It works so well because we can actually have adult conversation while the boys play! It is something that Matthew and I look forward to all week! :) So, on this day we decided to go over to their house and watch the Alabama game! I am so happy that college football has started! It has been so dry all summer- NO RAIN! I keep telling Jagger that we are now the desert. Well as soon as we are on our way over, it is getting yucky outside, like major storms! We pull up in the drive way and the tornado sirens start going off! Everyone's phone is ringing off the hook-parents telling us to watch the weather :) after the sirens went off we got a HUGE rain! It was such a blessing but it would have been nice earlier in the summer! but I guess we take what we can get!
Sunday- went to church! After church, we went to Grandma Betty's to celebrate my birthday! I love Birthday lunch at Grandma Betty's. The birthday girl/boy gets to pick the menu! Here was mine- macaroni and tomatoes, jalapeno cornbread, fried potatoes, green bean casserole, fried cabbage, white beans! but since not everyone likes this she added a few things- fried chicken, rolls, corn, and salad! IT was amazing! I could not move from the table afterwards! Then it was on to the birthday cake! This is Jagger's favorite part! We get candles, song, the whole works! It is really sweet! and then I got a few bday presents! Every year I feel super blessed and just almost overwhelmed by the whole thing! It makes you feel very special! So the rest of the afternoon we just laid around and then we went to Gigi's house for more Birthday cake (my favorite! Funfetti...I wait all year for her to make this cake for me! Its AMAZING!!!) and of course more food! After supper I am pretty much feeling 9 months pregnant! The whole day consisted of my favorite things- God, Food, and my family! Can't get any better!
Monday- just relaxed!!!
Hope everyone else had a blessed Labor Day weekend!

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