Monday, October 1, 2012

Faired Out!!

I am already loving today! We are still in our jammers aka "pjs" and we are just enjoying this gloomy morning! We have been so busy over the last week that I think Jagger and I both were just ready for a day of nothing! The fair about did me in! We went every night!!! Yes..I know we are insane but as Matthew says we only live once and it only comes once a year...but the BIGGY is that this was the last year we would only have one child at the fair!! :) Wow..that seems so unreal to me! but exciting! Jagger had a BLAST this year at the fair. I think he thought he was at Disney World! It is so funny how kids think the fair is the greatest thing ever and parents think it is the dirtiest thing ever! but we go because it makes our kids happy!
Food... I was super happy that I could enjoy fair food this year without having to worry about gaining too much weight! ;) The maternity jeans came in handy! I ate so much that as I sit here and think about kind of makes me sick! I was super happy to have a home cooked meal yesterday at Grandma Betty's! I have had enough fried food to last me until next year! Since we are talking about my favorite subject of food..I am so happy it is October and time for Chili, Taco Soup, Pumpkin bread, and all the other yummy HOMEMADE UNFRIED halfway healthy food! :) Pinterest has gotten me very prepared when it comes to what to make for supper! So I have to ask, what is your favorite fall food to make??
Riding rides with Allyson

Having fun!

In the bubble!! ;)

Funnel Cake with Chocolate! Yummy!

My two boys! Love them so much!


Love my mom and dad!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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