Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are You Content?

Are you content? This is a question I have to stop and ask myself pretty often! Here lately God has really been working in this area with me and trust me it has not been fun! I don't think he is quite done getting me where I need to be but I am getting closer (or at least I think!) This world we live in is very tough! We are constantly being bombarded with images of the newest and best of everything - cars, Ipads, phones, computers, fashion trends, etc. I feel like every where I look I see images of things I "think" I want and need!
Ok I know you are wanting to know where all this is coming from...Ever since Matthew and I have been married we have said that we would like to live in a certain neighborhood in our town! Its the neighborhood his grandma lives in. Its not a new neighborhood but its so nice. There are so many great families with young kids that are moving in and we want that so bad! When we got pregnant we really started stressing over what to do with our house? Do we put it up for sale with no house in store (I know this sounds insane but we were thinking just renting because in our town when a house comes open for sale you better be ready to jump on it - they go super quick!! So we were thinking if our house was already sold that would be one less thing to deal with) Do we just build on to our house? and if we do this, do we close in the carport, do we build on to the back, do we build on the master bedroom? so many options! Over the last few months we have gone over so many possibilities it makes me sick thinking about it! Matthew is one of these who thinks over every possible way and then he comes up with "what ifs" for each one! Well this absolutely causes me to have anxiety!! I don't like to think that much...I just want God to do his thing! So anyways, we have had builders come over and price different plans and it is insane!!! $30,000 for one playroom! After going through all of this over the last few months, I finally have felt like God is just telling us to just be still and let him be God! I think he is also trying to teach us to be content with what we have! We have a nice house. We have 3 bedrooms. Our house is remodeled, we know we can afford it and so many other things! This morning while I was going over this in my head and having quite time I also felt truly convicted because I feel like we really are not content with anything! I know I am constantly online looking for new clothes! Do I need new clothes? NO! Do I want them? Yes, but that is completely different! There are people out there that would love to have more than 1 outfit! We are always talking about a new TV and new furniture, but guess what? what we have is perfectly fine! and its all paid for! We are always talking about a new car and truck. Yes, we may not have the nicest cars but we don't owe anything on them and there is nothing better than that! and is it me or is it when we get these things we have to have they only make us temporarily happy because then the next day we are wanting something else?  I have made a challenge for myself that over the next couple of weeks I will do no online shopping of any kind! I want to focus on what God has blessed us with! I hope reading this no thinks that I am a greedy person or am never happy. It has nothing to do with that! I honestly hope that there are others that are going through this same thing and understand how it feels! I main goal is to be grateful for what we have and to get my mind off of things that will no longer be one day!
So my main question...are you truly content and happy with what you have?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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