Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Do You Manage It?

Cleaning that is.....Yes, I know this a subject that most people can't stand! I have a very OCD personality so I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning! I love cleaning but then I hate it because at times it drives me insane! I try to walk away and leave things alone but in my mind it is tearing me up and I can't get anything else accomplished until I clean whatever is on my mind! Is that weird? Am I the only one like this?
I feel that I keep our house clean pretty much all the time! I do not leave things out and I am not a clutter person! Matthew laughs because I am constantly throwing random things away! Now, I do keep ALOT but it is neatly organized in containers in the attic! ;) (another part of my personality! Gotta love a Virgo!) To me keeping a house picked up and clutter free is different than "CLEAN"! I try to really clean the most I can! I feel at times I get behind and then when I am working on getting  caught up I am disgusted!!! Tonight for example..I was cleaning the bathrooms, which already make me sick when I clean them! I would rather do anything than clean a bathroom but I know it has to be done! I am the one down on the floor cleaning around the toilet with a q-tip and sponge, and during this I am gagging! Our bathrooms are not that dirty because I clean them every couple of days but I just can NOT stand cleaning a bathroom! The thought makes me sick! Again I know I am weird! I just hope I am not the only weird one! Even though I am cleaning all this I still feel that at times I let our house go and it is just yucky! I look around and see dust everywhere and I start going into a panic! So tonight, after I finished cleaning I decided to find a cleaning schedule and guess what? I found one! Thank you pinterest!
I love how it is broke down into days! I think this will help me to not get so overwhelmed and then just get upset! So now that yall are thinking I have lost it..I have to ask how do you manage your cleaning? Do you hire it done? Do you do it all on the weekend? Some on each day?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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