Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ok, so what is it about TV shows that suck you in! The last couple of years the only thing that has been on our tv is cartoons (Little Bear, Max and Ruby, Thomas the Train, Wonder Pets, etc.) Matthew and I know every song to every cartoon! So finally after a few years we are getting to enjoy some shows of our own, and it absolutely amazes me how fast you can get hooked! I have always been a Grey's Anatomy fan but have to watch them late! This season already is driving me insane! I am happy that I am not close to a due date because the last few episodes might have caused me to go into labor! ;)

My sister in law, got me started on Once Upon A Time! It is so great and now they have the whole first season on Netflix! So if you have not watched it and want to get caught up you can! This week a new show started called Nashville! I enjoyed the first episode so I am thinking this one will get added to the list!

and of course, we love Duck Dynasty! It was cracking me up how almost everyone on Facebook was commenting on watching this last night! I love how they are such a close knit family! :) and then also since Matthew is big on hunting we can relate to them on that! This is another show that if you have not watched you should! You will get alot of laughs out of it!
What show are you "hooked" on??
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

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