Thursday, April 4, 2013

100 days!!

100!!! A number that has never had meaning to me except that its the first 3 digit number, but today it means different! Today our Hudson is 100 days old! We have been in Cardinal Glennon for 100 days, then add on 8 days to that and that is how long I have been in St. Louis! I still honestly can not believe it. There are days it is still all a dream, but I will have to say that "knock on wood" we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! The oxygen setting he is on now is one that we can come home on! Yes, we will come home on oxygen and apnea monitor and we will basically live in isolation for several months, but I don't care as long as we are home! Yesterday marked a huge step because he got to try nurse (aka breastfeed) for the first time! It was great! I was so excited they even let us try! We have had to take everything out of his crib and now he is laying flat! They want it to be exactly like his bed at home so he can start adjusting!
We are definitely not coming home in a week but we are shooting for Mother's Day! That is our new goal, but I am secretly praying it is before then! :)
Hope everyone has a super blessed day!

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  1. This is such great news! God is so good! Reading your blogs reminds me of our journey with Addie in NICU. And I want you to know that you will always remember this but you will forget how long it actually was! I know that Hudson will go home and flourish ;) So excited for you all!!! Love ya girl! And we will keep you guys in our prayers!!!