Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy of Two!!

Wow! I can't believe I am a mommy of two! This is honestly something I never thought would happen! If you would have ask me in high school about my future I would have told you I was gonna be the last one in my group to get married and then probably not have kids for a long time! Wrong! We( my three best friends in high school- Amy, Sarah and Amber) would all say I would come to the ten year reunion not married, have an awesome job and riding a motorcycle! Well lets just say I will be coming but I will be married, a stay at home mommy and driving a Honda Odyssey! Hahaha far from a motorcycle or two door sports car! Isn't it funny how you dream things up and then when you look back you think why in the world????
So anyways, the last few days have been nothing special! I have not put on makeup since last Wednesday! I have worn yoga pants and big tshirts everyday and even then I am sometimes changing more than once because of all the spit up!!! My hair is frizzy and thrown up in a ponytail! I am not getting much sleep but not one time have I been upset! The minute I start kind of wanting to complain about getting dressed or not getting sleep , I am quickly reminded about even getting to be home! We could still be in St. Louis, but we aren't and I am so grateful! Hudson is finally getting "use" to home! It was an adjustment the first few days. I can't imagine what he was thinking going from 4 months of hospital to home! Quite the change! And Jagger he is still adjusting to big brother! He has done really well but he gets stir crazy staying inside so it has been nice that Grandma can come get him for a few hours.
Today Jagger wanted to hold Hudson and as soon as I put Hudson in Jagger's lap, Hudson could not take his eyes off Jagger!! He is so in love! Of course I can keep from tearing up because this is a moment that several times I thought may never happen! God has blessed us in ways I can't even imagine! I just continue to pray everyday that this whole thing is bringing honor and glory to him! It has been crazy insane looking back over the months but I do think we are stronger and I feel he still has more in store for us! We probably will never understand any of this and really I don't know if we are suppose to! All we can do is trust that this was all in God's plan for us!
Well time to get ready for next feeding!!! :)
Hope everyone has a blessed night!! Lots of love!

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