Friday, April 26, 2013


Well we are FINALLY home and adjusting! We got home around 1030 Saturday night! We were definitely not planning on getting home that late but as i have said several times during all this, we have learned that a lot of times things wont go as you plan..but you just put a smile on your face and go with it! We were getting ready to walk out the door of the hospital, we had everything ready and we were fixing to switch Hudson over to his portable tank. We get him hooked up and guess what there was a leak!!! At first we thought well if it is small enough we could make it home and then get him on his big tank! was huge! The therapist said we would go through both tanks and then probably not even make it home! We would end up in a hospital on the way home! This was not an option! The only reason there was a leak is because the company forgot a tiny washer that screws onto the tank! So here we are at 3pm on a Saturday needing a part! Well as you know this is nearly impossible! Matthew calls the emergency 24 hour number and get an answering machine! He leaves a message and someone calls back 1 hour later! So much for emergency!!! 3 hours later we get the part and finally get ready to leave!
I can't even explain the feeling I had when we were leaving the hospital! Lots of different emotions! Overjoyed because we were finally leaving and officially a family!! Sad because we were leaving some amazing people that have become a part of our lives! Nervous because we were bringing home a baby that had just as many machines and tubes as he did in hospital and we didn't have any nurses and doctors to come to our rescue! The ride home was very long and tiring! I sat in between the boys and during the ride we had to stop twice! When we finally got home we were all exhausted and still excited! Hudson would be in our house for the first time! We get everything unloaded and get Hudson situation on his home machine. We turn it on and it starts filling the room with the smell of cigarette smoke! Seriously??? This is the last thing we need! We decide to put him back on the portable tank and take him living room! Matthew finds a 24 hour number,to call! We get ahold of a man and he says he he will go to their store and bring out a new one! At 1:15am he shows up with a new machine!!! Needless to say sleep was slim to none that night! Hudson is already on a some what schedule from the hospital! He eats about every 3-3.5 hours! The last couple of days have been good! We are just trying to figure out what works for our family! I have figured out its easier for Hudson and I to spend all of our time in living room! Its too hard to move all the machines and cords so the recliner has become my new bed! Hey whatever works!!! I have been very happy because the last two nights I am averaging 4-4.5 hours of sleep, which is better than the 1-1.5 the first two night!!
We also went to our first doctors appointment this week! That was quite an adventure! We had so many bags and other stuff! Jagger had all of his stuff and the Hudson has about 2 arm loads of stuff! I am glad that we are homebound because there is no way I could load and unload all this stuff all the time! Not only do we have doctors appointments to work around but we have VNA that comes out during the week! So between all the feedings, diaper changes, pumping, and giving Jagger attention , I think we are getting somewhat adjusted! I know this is horrible but this morning was the first morning I actually had a chance to have my own quiet time and boy did I need it! I know God has been with me these last several days but there is nothing like using special time for prayer and bible study! It definitely helps in renewing the spirit!
I still can not thank everyone enough for all the prayers, words of encouragement, thoughts, cards, and many other things that everyone has given us during this time in our life! We thank God everyday for all the wonderful people in our lives! We are truly blessed!
Well time to spend a little time with my big guy before little one wakes up!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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  1. So happy to hear you guys are home and adjusting. I am sure you will get in your groove soon.